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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

Don't Hate Her Because She Loves Books
  • My gate on my wooden fence collapsed in the storm. So I went to Home Depot to get a couple of replacement posts and some concrete. Ran me about $26.
  • But, of course, this is going to be a home repair disaster.
  • I have had the Internet guy (four different ones to be exact) over to do repairs at my house over the last two weeks. As of this morning, it was out again. I'm done.
  • Blogger Anobiter is off to New Hampshire for a whole month. Her blog posts indicated that she headed to DFW at 7:34 a.m yesterday. At 2:39 p.m., she still hadn't boarded due to weather delays.
  • I've never been a fan of "inspirational quotes."
  • I'm thinking of Debbie Gibson.
  • One year later, I'm still fascinated by the opening Olympic Ceremony segment of all those Chinese drummers. As Bob Costa's said, it was a little "intimidating."
  • Paul McCartney and Wings, even at it's cheesiest, is still better than most of what is going on in music today.
  • Sheesh, that makes me sound old.
  • My first concert: Boston at the Tarrant County Convention Center where me and my buddies paid a scalper $12 each for the tickets.
  • I'm calling Hawkins Funeral Home to reserve a plot.
  • Whether it be the WFAA radar or the Dallas Morning News web site that suddenly requires you to register, it's proof that Belo Corp has no idea why it will soon be bankrupt. (By the way, you can cheat the sign-up page by getting a quick username and password at
  • Back to my old age theme: I watched a little of Paul Newman in The Verdict last night (highly overrated, I might add) but I noted that all of the six male jurors wore a suit. I've practiced law for 23 years, and I don't recall even one male juror wearing even a tie.
  • Didn't the creation of USB port on a computer make things 1,000 times easier?
  • For all of you that were jumping for joy over the mentally handicapped kid that was sentenced to 100 years in prison: Aren't you the ones that say, "Every life is precious?"
  • The crazy right winger is more dangerous than the crazy left winger (i.e. abortion doctor killer, Holocaust Memorial guard killer, etc.)
  • The Irving City Manager makes $390,000 a year?
  • "Woman Who Missed Air France Tragic Flight Killed in Car Wreck Days Later". Fate will not be denied?
  • There was a weird white powdery substance outside my office door this morning.