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AP - Austin: Three workers died today after falling from a construction elevator on the 11th floor of an Austin condominium project -- when the equipment collapsed.

Authorities said two of the men plunged more than 120 feet to their deaths, while the third was rushed to the hospital after hitting a garage overhang on the sixth floor. He later died at a hospital.

A fourth man, apparently suspecting the scaffolding was about to give way, managed to jump off the platform and survived. He was treated at the scene.

The men were doing construction about halfway up a condominium project known as Twenty One Rio, a high-rise building near the University of Texas.

I'm a huge contemplater (?) of life and death. Of fate. Of chance. Of luck. Man, this freaks me out. And then I look around the Internet about this place and see that a 681 square foot apartment rents for $1,632 a month, and I feel superficially freaked out by that as well.


Anonymous said...

Where do people work that they can pay rent to live in one of those apartments? Probably those workers that got killed could not afford one. Out there trying to earn a living and die trying from a tragic accident.

Anonymous said...

There you go. Get the pimpmobile, then rent a Hefner pad. Invite the honeys. You're set.

mzchief said...

According to the advert, 21 Rio is an "epic community" that "will redefine luxury living." I do not know what an epic community is but a 681 foot flat certainly redefines my idea of luxury. With rent approximately $400. above the cost of the average U.S. monthly mortgage payment only a cretin would pay $1,632. to live in a glorified rabbit warren.

22' x 31' = 682

Sheesh is right!

Anonymous said...

And, MzChief, it's in Austin for cripes sake! A rabbit warren, in Austin with that kind of money. What an idiot!!!!

Anonymous said...

Imagine...being able to turn a tragedy into a wealth envy complaint...I am so sorry ya'll are so poor and helpless to make your lives better...maybe you can go down to Wal-Mart and get a National Inquirer and read about some drug problem by a celebrity and feel better about yourselves.

Anonymous said...

In New York city that is a two bedroom flat and another thousand bucks.My nephew lives there but he probably earns more than we do.

Anonymous said...

touche' 12:43.
You are so right. It's all in a person's perspective and some people just have a poisonous perspective on EVERYTHING.

mzchief said...

To anonymous 12:43...
Not every tragedy matters to everyone and not everyone is a sob-sister/Care Bear who feels compelled to be traumatized by every personal tragedy endured by SOMEONE ELSE. Try wrapping your head around that little nugget of reality.

Since you care sooooo bloody much for the victims of the Rio 21 accident, send the family a couple of bucks and/or a note offering your condolences. If it is too much trouble for you to express your sorrow for the situation to people who might give a spit that you care, get over your fake concern and let random people get on with self-determining what they care about in their lives, you judgmental twit.

The ONLY reason I have taken it upon myself to tell you how to properly behave is because you felt compelled to direct and instruct other people/me on what you believe is appropriate behaviour.

You're Welcome.

Anonymous said...

How many men died constructing the Hoover Dam? (Hint: a helluva lot more than 3). How many do you think died building the pyramids? Hmmm, I wonder why we no longer have any breathtaking architectural/construction feats to rival those in the last 50 or so years?

Anonymous said...

Way to go MZ. They were completely dazed out of what was being discussed. Must be too rich to understand.

Anonymous said...

mz -
It's called EMPATHY. You have none for strangers. No surprise there.

Some of us, like 12:43, do. No need for you to attack, you SNAKE.

I thought 12:43 was right on with his/her comment. It is amazing to some of us that you can take a post like Barry posted here, and what you take from it has something to do with how expensive the building rents for.

But it is so TYPICAL of you.

Maybe all that trouble you have with snakes is just your Karma coming back to you.

mzchief said...
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Anonymous said...

Mz -
The difference in your response and Barry's post was that Barry obviously did feel bad for the 3 that died.

His last paragraph about the rent did cause him to feel "SUPERFICIALLY freaked out" - his words. I'm guessing he used the word superficially because he recognized the reaction about the price was not as meaningful and true as his reaction about the deaths. Barry is obviously empathetic.

No way you can claim you are nearly as empathetic as Barry. Because if we only judge by words - and that is all we have here - you clearly aren't.

YOu even backed off the sweet sentiment you seemed to show about your horse when you explained (I'm paraphrasing you) -

Horse died from snake bite, but he was insured and we were able to get a much better performing horse. Karma still great in my world-
You are one cold woman.

But I will agree with one thing you always identify yourself with - SMUGNESS. You are certainly that. Your picture should be right up there by the definition of smug. There's no one I've ever known in reality, or in virtual world, that can come close to you in SMUGNESS. And for some reason you are proud of that.

So go back to your wonderful PERSPECTIVE, you SMUGLY GRINNING snake.

There are many of us that think it SUCKS to be YOU. (Now where have I heard that before? Like 1000 times?)

Anonymous said...


mzchief said...

To anonymous 7:33...
Let me get this straight, you have appointed yourself as the judge of what is and is not appropriate for someone to post as a comment on Barry's Blog. Oh wait, perhaps it is just me upon whom you are attempting to force YOUR moronic standards that are so sub par I consider them one of the malignancies that is destroying society.

As for me having empathy. I am not the type of person who believes it serves any good to engage in WORTHLESS lip service. I actually put my MONEY where my empathy will do good, to the tune of EXACTLY the same amount my family annually spends on my family's upkeep. Just how much EMPATHY have you shown other than voicing your pathetic Care Bear rhetoric on a blog?

When a lame arsed piece of garbage like you attempts to judge ANYONE, much less judge them based on their random comments on a blog, you will ALWAYS alert the world to the FACT that you are NOTHING but a sack of flesh wrapped filth infecting everyone you contact with your warped sense of self-righteousness. Trash like you disgusts me.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God she makes my freakin Head spin...going to Summer Bash...GONE

Anonymous said...