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Random Monday Morning Thoughts: Austin Edition

Not Austin.
  • I left before 6:00 a.m. on Saturday morning and decided to swing by Georgetown to see the courthouse. Williamson County is often proclaimed as "the most conservative" county in the State, so I wanted to at least drive though. Very nice courthouse square but saddened there was no white picket fence. (Pic of courthouse.)
  • But there's a building on one of the corners of the square which is very Islamic looking. That made me giggle. You can see it here in a cell phone pic.
  • I can't tell you how great a GPS system is when you don't know where your going. It's just crazy: You drive where it tells you to and you actually get there.
  • I made a point to eat a late breakfast/early lunch at Juan in a Million because I saw the guy from Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel stop by there once. Everyone must have had the same idea since I had to park two blocks away. It's a dumpy little place with awful service but I still liked it. (Pic of outside.)
  • I ate while reading a hard copy of The Onion newspaper. There was an ad for a free one-hitter with a purchase of a certain amount. (Pic.) I think that would get you arrested in Williamson County, but not Austin.
  • The owner came up to me in the checkout line and gave me a crazy handshake. One of those where he brings his arm around like he is throwing a sidearm pitch.
  • There was nothing on the wall to commemorate Man vs. Food being there.
  • On my way to the track meet, I saw a cemetery that had an Arlington National feel to it. I felt compelled to take a pic as I realized it was the anniversary of D-Day.
  • The track meet was really great. I would have given anything to have had that ability in high school.
  • The one-false-start-and-you're-disqualified rule is one of the harshest in all of sports.
  • The morning session was 1A and 3A. That was a pretty fun culture clash since 1A schools are little country towns but there are some new 3A schools that can be a little more urban. Loved it.
  • I felt awful when I realized I was completely oblivious to Slidell freshman Bobbi Clemmer winning second in the 800 meters. Happened right in front of me and I was clueless.
  • Man it was hot. They were selling caps (which I failed to bring) but I refused to buy one for two reasons: (1) They were all UT caps, and (2) I was wearing a UCLA T-shirt and a UT cap on top of that would have been unstable.
  • I saw one lady (presumably a teacher/coach/chaperon) chewing out a young girl like nobody's business under the stands. I snapped a picture in an indiscriminate manner only to have my flash go off. Fail.
  • I hung around on Sixth Street that night with a friend. It must have been Bachlorette Party Night because I saw at least eight groups of it.
  • My friend and I got in a debate as to when "middle age" begins. She's about to turn 36.
  • My friend also showed up extremely stressed, and I thought she was on the verge of a breakdown. But she pulled out of it once she had chips and queso. Is that all it takes with you women?
  • Saw one guy dressed in white shorts with a sweater tied around his neck in the company of two girls wearing tennis skirts and carrying tennis rackets. Funny bit.
  • Saw an 11 year old earlier in the evening playing an electric guitar on the sidewalk. The amp was in the back of his very new SUV as dad looked on smiling. (Pic of kid.)
  • I proclaimed a few months ago that girls in shorts and high heels is a good look. The girls of Austin know a good look.
  • I wanted to see the Texas/TCU baseball game but couldn't pull it off. The final game in the series is tonight with the winner going to the College World Series. (ESPN2.)