Very Random "The Jerk" Thoughts

Watched most of this movie yesterday with a friend, and discovered:
  • It's still very funny
  • When Navin R. Johnson filled up a gas tank, he told the customer (a group of gang bangers) the charge was $26 and change. And that was in 1979 dollars.
  • When he gets a check for $250,000 for developing the "Opti-Grab", it was the same as being insanely rich.
  • Bernadette Peters was hot.
  • The sniper after Navin was the same guy that uttered the phrase, "No, not that mother scratcher! Bill Parker!" in Raising Arizona.
  • I still laugh when Navin yells, "He hates these cans!" as the sniper misses him and strikes the oil cans next to him. (Photo above)
  • I remember the process of looking up a credit card in a booklet of thousands of numbers to check to see if it was stolen (as Navin does.)
  • The funny/romantic scene on youtube.
  • Random girl on youtube singing the song from the funny/romantic scene. And another. I'd marry either one of those girls based on principle.
  • I'll be dang, here's a guy who did. (Greatest couple ever?)
  • The original trailer to the movie -- which didn't do it justice.
  • Steve Martin was 34 when the movie was released.
  • I digress, but my favorite Steve Martin role maybe the little seen Shop Girl.
  • The name of the movie has always confused me. The last thing that Navin R. Johnson was, was a jerk.
  • Aww, the heck with it. Here are all the memorable quotes.