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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I've never really had any desire to go to South by Southwest.
  • If you know the opening lyrics to Kanye West's "Stronger", you'll be tempted to mess around with this.
  • I haven't found the audio online yet, but the Ticket has been playing a clip of Maverick's coach Rick Carlisle mocking Chuck Cooperstein during an interview last week. It was unbelievably condescending. And that's all I needed to hear to wish failure on the Mavericks. So I'm wishing. Real hard. Edit: Here's the audio ("HAHAHAHAHAHA")
  • I saw a "smart car" in Fort Worth this weekend. Sheesh, those things are like glorified golf carts.
  • Rep. Phil King has been amazingly quiet during this legislative session.
  • I've awakened the last two mornings with only one sock on.
  • That's better than waking up in an ice filled bathtub with my liver gone.
  • What?
  • Most confusing sketch ever.
  • Most confusing treadmill ever.
  • Start listening for the phrase "that was the tipping point." I've heard it three times in less than 24 hours.
  • Bizarre news: A 29 and 39 year old couple were stabbed to death in Ferris while they slept in their home. Robbery was not a motive. Creeped me out.
  • I always read the Notice of Class Action Settlements when they are published. I saw a new one in Parade magazine this weekend in connection with Bluetooth manufacturers. If you were a member of the class, you would not get any money because it was not "practical or economical" since "the class was so large" and the "amount each Class Member would receive would be very small." But the manufacturers did agree to put warning information on their web sites. Oh yeah, the Plaintiff's lawyers got $800.000. Sheesh.
  • Some are making a big deal out of Steve Kroft asking Obama on 60 Minutes if he is "punch drunk." See the quick clip here. I'm not sure what the big deal is.
  • I'm still convinced that the intensity of the hate of the Obama haters is far more than those that hated Bush.
  • I've got one court appointed client who I really dislike.
  • Peace, Interrupted: 14 dead in Iraq.
  • Funny blog headline based upon this news: "Texas AG Bans 'Cocaine' Energy Drink, Real Cocaine Still Readily Available"
  • I never saw the Cocaine energy drink in a convenience store but I was told it was sold in Rhome.
  • That's Katrina The Bikini Girl from American Idol. (I think she was on the last episode of it that I watched.)