Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • It seems that the Red River threatening Fargo is not the same Red River that separates us from Oklahoma.
  • Every time I hear about Fargo, I think about the movie Fargo.
  • Amarillo weather forecast from the National Weather Service for today: "Snow. Blowing snow. Windy. Snow may be heavy at times. Visibility one quarter mile or less at times. Snow accumulation of 5 to 7 inches. Highs in the upper 20s. North winds 25 to 35 mph. Gusts up to 55 mph decreasing to 45 mph in the afternoon." And it gets worse tonight.
  • I wish I was in Amarillo today.
  • I just thought about "Amarillo by Morning."
  • Being an assembly line worker at GM (which we see from stock footage on newscasts) looks like a tremendous beat down.
  • Regarding that horrible Montana private plane crash a week ago that killed several persons of the same family. Well, it has been learned that the plane's owner and the individual that lost several family members in the crash provided abortion services. Some are suggesting the crash is God's revenge. A local blogger has referred to it as "karma". Incredible.
  • Ok, Ok, enough about the Dallas cop who detained the NFL player for running a red light as his mother-in-law died. I get it.
  • And Chief Kunkle sure will sacrifice one of his own officers to the Media Gods pretty quickly.
  • 48 dead in Pakistan - the most dangerous place in the world.
  • I watched The World's 21 Sexiest Beaches last night on the Travel Channel. Now I want to go to Patong Beach in Thailand. I'm certain I've never said that before.
  • Not to be confused with the Travel Channel's Bridget's Sexiest Beaches which may be the best show ever. (I think part of its schtick is scantily clad women, but I'll need to watch more of it to be sure. It is very educational.)
  • After watching rich people walk along pristine beaches, I like to switch over to the Natural Geographic Channel and see a war torn country like Darfur so I can rest assured that this is one crazy world.
  • Can a guy use ":)" in an email or text? I hope so.
  • I haven't read it but Texas House Bill 286 introduced by "M. Fischer" regarding "Creating a DWI Czar" made me roll my eyes.
  • Most confusing bill introduced by our own state senator about a problem that I didn't know was a problem: "SB 257 [introduced by] Estes [concerning] Criminalizing the sale or delivery of salvia divinorum to a child." Huh?
  • Had a defense lawyer tell me the other day that he had been to Collin, Denton and Tarrant Counties in the last week and his experience in those places was better than in the Wise County Courthouse. That could mean several different things.