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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • If you want to see a nutcase prosecutor scream at a witness, go here. That judge needs to get control of his scene.
  • I had 15 minutes of fame yesterday at the blog of The Texas Lawyer publication by getting handed a bag of popcorn.
  • During some routine traffic report I heard on the radio yesterday, there was warning about a an unidentified funeral procession in north Dallas. From the news last night, I learned it was for a Frisco kid who was killed in Afghanistan.
  • Is this Ross Johnson getting stomped by a bull the same Ross Johnson from Wise County? I actually saw it on the Versus Channel last night.
  • I hate listening to 911 tapes that the news broadcasts. Makes me tense.
  • Same holds true for radio pranks or watching that "What Would You Do" currently being broadcasted on ABC's Prime Time Live.
  • Taking my car in to get the headlight changed this morning. I'm serious: The back of it is buried under a ton or parts wedged in there like sardines.
  • I've changed my burnt out tail lights/brake lights before. That was easy.
  • When I went to bed last night, everyone was looking for a missing three year old in Argyle. This morning, not good news.
  • After a week being off of The Master Cleanse, I still haven't regained any of the weight I lost.
  • The brohaha over Facebook changing its terms of use is silly. Call me cynical, but I think there's a great chance that any photo I upload is part of cyberspace forever.
  • Megan Henderson used the term "atomic wedgie" in a news story this morning.
  • I think you guys that blame the current financial crisis solely on the Community Reinvestment Act are crazy since it only applied to Depository Banks. Case in point: Insurance company AIG, which wasn't forced to do anything, still would have gone belly up due to investing in mortgage backed securities.
  • For the third time, the current crisis is best explained - fairly and objectively - by This American Life's broadcast named "A Giant Pool of Money." Still one of the best shows I've ever listened to.
  • Fergie at the beach. Hot.
  • Out of the blue, I stopped wearing contacts, and I no longer have to use reading glasses. Weird. Probably need to check with a professional on this.


Anonymous said...

Much of our financial crisis is tied to the inappropriate loans made to home buyers who had no credentials for such loans. Idiots like Barney Frank pressured already inept loan officers to make the risky loans. Now those who have worked so hard to make their legitimate loan payments, will help pay for the atrocity. But we are comrads, we should equal everything out and all be the same. Right?

Anonymous said...

Blaming the crisis on anything other than the greediness and stupidity of the American consumer is crazy. The crisis would never have happened if Americans weren't credit crack-heads.

Our sense of entitlement is incredible, as witnessed by all the idiots expected the government to fix the problem.

Anonymous said...

Lost weight? Don't need contacts or glasses anymore? I think that PROVES the cleansing was a success!

Anonymous said...

8:27 - Boy you have it right, but how many of us will admit our greed?

We have only ourselves to blame for this mess.

wordkyle said...

Just as crazy to say that the CRA played no part in the collapse. Executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have testified that there was pressure from HUD to make subprime loans. While the CRA applied only to particular financial institutions, the government applied pressure to all lenders to increase subprime loans. With the guarantee of the governemnt behind subprime loans, mortgage lenders went crazy, with the results we've seen. The government guarantee also made mortgage securities a "secure" investment. The CRA was simply the explicit part of the government's intervention into the market -- intervention endorsed and instigated by Democrats. The house of cards lies at their feet.

Anonymous said...

8:38 That is what I was thinking that not needing contacts are glasses was surely the result of the Master Cleanse. So it was a great success.

Anonymous said...

So we are crazy to think the subprime lending mess that nationalized our banking system started under Jimmy Carter?

Let me share with you a true story about those times. My husband was among 200 independent bankers who were invited to Washington in October 1978 to be honored for managing high performance banks. All were from states where branch banking had not been approved by the states.

At the meeting, the group was told to go back home and contact their legislatures, customers, community leaders to get legislation passed for branch banking.

Well, being a descendant of Sam Houston, my husband took on the under secretary of state by telling him how branch banking would take deposits out of rural communities.

Not liking being challenged, the under secretary of Treasury told the group they were prepared to take interest rates to 24% and would really prefer to have only 5 large institutions to regulate.

A few Independent banks have survived throughout the years by conforming to whatever the Treasury department thought was best for everyone. However, the time a local banker could make a loan based on a person's honesty and hard work is long gone.

Subprime lending created all the toxic assets sold by investment bankers to China, Saudia Arabia and other investors. The goverment backed loans made through Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae are backed by our government and the Federal Reserve doesn't have the money to back them up.

That is why the GOP is agreeing to nationalizing our banking system. Either buy the toxic assets at $$5 or $$$$6 trillion or put our tax dollars into the banks in another big bailout. Who knows what the bad loans are worth? NO ONE.

If I were a guessing person, I would say China is really angry they have bought bad loans and are in a position to tell us to pay us back.

Now who really thinks the stimulus plan is going to work??? It isn't and a lot of people who have their money in the stock market are going to take it out. Anyone knows you can't borrow your way out of a problem and spend more to get your way out!

The boom in the housing market fueled our economy when jobs went to cheaper labor. Manufacturing will not come back as long as the unions and Congress are united.

Now comes the auto makers wanting more of our money at a time no one can afford to buy a new care because Professor doom and gloom keeps preaching the end of the world is coming.

So glad 46% of the people were not stupid during the election.

Anonymous said...

Ross Johnson the bull rider does live in WC so I would say that is likely him.

Anonymous said...

15 minutes of fame, indeed!
Finally, a reason for your mother to be proud: (in best Jewish mother voice) "So, Estelle, did you hear about my son, THE BLOGGER, with the bag of popcorn? And someone important said he's 'my favorite Texas lawyer on Facebook: Barry Green of Decatur’s Smith & Green'. I'm not sure what a Facebook is, probably something on that interwebs. Feh, who knows?
I showed him a picture of your niece like you asked, and all he could say was "hey now!" Who can understand what the kids are saying these days, what with all the crazy talk!"

Anonymous said...

Congress blasts banking executives for using private aircraft. Our president flies all over the country to sign relief bills.

Set an example, stay home and sign the bills in the oval office and save the taxpayers some money.

Anonymous said...

9:12 - good one. And Bush the oilman, now retired could set a better example in Dallas by buying a home that was just a "bit" more modest.

Set an example?

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Fergie IS hot enough if you can get past that ugly mug.

Anonymous said...

A hard rain is going to fall. I agree that the economy is in trouble not just because of the Community Reinvestment Act. I think that the Congress, blocking drilling for oil in Alaska and off the Florida coast, is the second largest factor. High priced fuel prices were the killing blow.

Housing starts have now plummeted to lowest on record. Construction of new homes fell nearly 17% last month to an all-time low.

The housing market is in deep poop. This is good. Other than mowing grass, illegals are most likely to be employed by good for nothing, don't care about America, homebuilders and their subcontractors.

Are there any Wise County schoolteachers on here that can tell me if Hispanic elementary school students are dropping out and leaving for Mexico with their parents. The most reliable measure to test if the economy is causing illegals to head back south will be TEA numbers for this next year's enrollment. An increase in student drop out rates in Wise County would be welcomed.

The other possibility is that the illegal labor from the construction industry will move into other areas of employment putting American citizens out of work and on food stamps.

I would hope that the political party now in power would do everything possible to protect the jobs of American citizens. They should have priority over illegal

Anonymous said...

Well Bart this proves you were so full of She it that it was blocking your vision.

Anonymous said...

A kid from Frisco getting killed in a war?

I thought only poor, black kids had to do that.

Anonymous said...

And make Princess Pelosi fly commercial.

Anonymous said...

And let's buy Obammy 19 more new helicopters to fly around in. We can't have the Messiah using old aircraft. It would send the wrong message to our enemies. He deserves only the best.

Anonymous said...


Why do you think Bush's new home is so extravagant?

Anonymous said...

What is an O face?

What does teh and meh mean?

Anonymous said...

gawd damn that wc messenger. decatur isd flirts with artifical turf, and they blast it all over the newspaper and write columns about it, and the bridgeport isd calls a bond election that includes an indoor practice facility and there is in the story about.

you guys are a joke. shame on the new owners, the editor that gives me tired head and anyone over there that is trying to skirt this under the table just as the bridgeport isd is doing.

President Clark said...

-In September 1999 Fannie Mae eased credit requirements to encourage banks to extend home mortgages to individuals whose credit was good enough to qualify for convential loans (

-In November 2000 HUD announced they will require Fannie Mae to dedicate 50% of its business to low- and moderate-income families (

-In December of 2008 the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 was passed (

This should be enough reading for now. If the government would keep their hands out of everything we might be OK.

Anonymous said...

On December 21 2012 Obama will only have a short time left in office.

Anonymous said...

O face - the look on your face during orgasm
teh - usually just somebody typing so fast they misspell "the"
meh - a verbal signal equivalent to shrugging one's shoulders

I'm pretty sure Bush is paying for his new house with his own money, and doesn't need a subprime loan to secure it

a kid from Frisco is more representative of the face of the new army. It's not like Vietnam when most of the grunts were draftees. Poor white kids (and some not so poor) enlist for all kinds of reasons - money, education, patriotism. If most of the soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan were black, you would hear plenty of squealing about inequality

Anonymous said...

Let's pass the Bridgeport ISD Bond and then we can have a concert with George & Reba

Anonymous said...

i hope bridgeport isd passes it so they can one-up decatur once again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barry:

Re: eyesight.

I first got eyeglasses in college when I noticed I couldn't read the blackboard well. Over the past 15 years my eyesight has either been the same or improved with each exam. Last time I went to DMV I passed the eyetest without glasses and got an unrestricted license for the first time since I was 16. Finally, a couple of months ago when I got my last exam I found out I needed no correction at all for my right eye and only +50 for my left - which is almost nothing. The doctor actually asked me why I wanted glasses. In the end I ordered glasses anyway (online - much cheaper that way) just because I'm used to wearing them.

The reason for this effect as I understand it has nothing to do with tissue regeneration or daily injections of stem cells. As I understand it the tendancy with eyballs is to be myopic when you are younger (as was the case with me) and to become farsighted as you get older. If you are lucky there may be a period of time when the two effects cancel each other out and your eyesight actually improves. If you aren't lucky you end up needing bifocules.

Anonymous said...

I think since the US is a Republic and not a Democracy it would make more sense for us all to be Republicans and anyway, it was a good enough party for Lincoln so it ought to good enough for us.

Anonymous said...

All the people that were given loans to buy a house that were'nt qualified should have had a friend named Tony Rezko.

Anonymous said...

10:06 - TWO people living in a house with four bedrooms and numerous bathrooms?

Nah, not extravagant. Not at all.

Preston Hollow is a slum neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear..We now have a run on banks in Antigua and Venezuela linked to TX Billionaire Allen Stanford. Does he have ties to any TX banks? Who do we blame for this..Republicans or Dems?

Anonymous said...

Good grief. Will you Bush haters ever leave that poor man alone. Last time I checked, he is no longer the president of the great ole USA.

Your constant whining about everything about him is pathetic to say the least. There's a thing called life at which you should move on little doggie.

Why give him all the credit for everything possible that may have gone wrong in the world today? Surely, there are other presidents throughout history that you can point your finger at. Maybe, you could find one to blame for the reason fruit rots.

Anonymous said...

8:27 You my dear, deserve a big shiny gold star!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to smell her underarms or somethin.

Anonymous said...

I wish the liberal weenies would try to defend the mansion that Monica's boyfriend and Hillary live in.

Anonymous said...

Feeding on the desire to demonize their opposition for political gain, Republicans use your lack of knowledge about complex problems like the global financial crisis by offering simple short answers which always include blaming Democrats.

You listen. repeat and ignore all other facts. Perfect. Just what they want you to do. So easy to get you to hate your fellow American.

So, where has this winning strategy taken us? A decade lost to a politically conservative culture promoting greed. Rather than becoming engineers and scientists, the #1 career field was finance. The message to our children is: Get a degree that will make you rich. Cheat, lie and steal to get ahead. Yes, cheating is hard work, but it will pay off.

Other countries are soaring ahead of us in science discoveries, space exploration, educational advancements, health care- you name it. America is failing economically, educationally and every other area.

We are a failing nation of people who are fat, ignorant and we all hate each other. Thank you Conservative Party.

Anonymous said...

2:36 you forgot to mention your other trade mark quip. "Obammy".

Your comments really do represent the Bush mentality and intelligence level that we have come accustomed to over the last eight years.

Also may I remind you that when Bill was doing his thing with Monica. Jeb Bush was cheating on his wife in Florida. Maybe you need a fact check and a hummer to boot !

May I suggest if you are from Wise County ask your sister or cousin to help you out.

Anonymous said...

3:03, Thanks for reminding me about forgetting Obammy. Yes it's true that he had help getting a house that he couldn't afford from a convicted felon. And I still don't hear anything about how much house Slick Willie and Nurse Ratchet live in. So could you stop with the insults and defend your Annointed loved ones?

Anonymous said...

that's spin if I ever heard it.
You could swap Republican for Democrat, and vice-versa, in your opening sentence and it would make as much sense.
The rest of it boils down to this: everybody in the finance industry is a greedy Republican. More liberal scientists and educators would have saved us a big mess. Puh-leeze!
I will concede that the first sentence of your last paragraph is somewhat accurate

Anonymous said...

It's obvious from the tone of
3:00's comment that she/he knows a thing or two regarding the hate she's complaining about.

wordkyle said...

300 - Let's explode a few more myths that you're perpetuating:

In 2008:

65% of the hedge fund industry's political donations went to Democrats.

53% of the mortgage banker and broker political donations went to Democrats.

74% of political donations by lawyers & lobbyists went to Democrats.

57% of political donations by the securities & investment industry went to Democrats.

Details here. (Political donations by group from the Center for Responsive Politics.)

So it's ridiculous to paint Wall Street sleezebags as either Republican or Conservative.

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:00 - keep it going. Good stuff.

Phillip J Hubbell said...

This clown in the white house flew his 747 to Denver to show is sympathy for the downtrodden by signing this huge spending bill...then he flew down to Arizona to tell the deadbeats that the government was going to make sure they didn't get evicted for not paying their bills.

The democrats who support this madness are complete idiots...and the 3 republicans who signed on to this nonsense should be publically flogged.

Anonymous said...

FYI...Fox 4 went HD at noon today...we will get a chance to see the great Megan Henderson in HD tomorrow morning...can't wait.

Anonymous said...

I hope all the little liberal weenies in Wise County feel good about the Texas billionaire Allen Stanford donating to the democratic party with swindled money. It is being reported by ABC news that he was praised by Bill Clinton for helping to finance a convention-related forum and party put on by the National Democratic Institute. He also got a hug from Nancy Pelosi for his 150 thousand dollar contribution. What a bargain!!

Denney Crane said...

That Ross Johnson video was surreal! Nice post...

Anonymous said...


If you sort of accidentally whacked off your PP with a chain saw, it would be infinitely more entertaining and culturally pertinent than your comment.


Anonymous said...

Ross' wreck on "Panda" is the scariest I've ever seen....other than Tuff on "Bodacious" of course.

Anonymous said...

I thought Obama was going to start pulling the troops and bring them all home as soon as he took over and I hear last night on the news that he is sending more troops to Afghanistan? Lie # 1 for Obama. At lease Bush waited for a while before he showed his bad side.

I say, kill them all and let God sort it out.

chupacabra said...

"I thought Obama was going to start pulling the troops and bring them all home as soon as he took over and I hear last night on the news that he is sending more troops to Afghanistan? Lie # 1 for Obama."

He's no stranger to lying but, this wasn't one of them- he's said all along he wanted out of Iraq to focus on Afghanistan.