Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Southwest is now flying to Boston which reminded me that the Wright Amendment is gradually being repealed. Was the phase out period five years or ten years? And it seems like the legislation is about five years old.
  • I could get that answer within 20 seconds, but I don't want to use the Google.
  • Fox 4 News is in hi-def as of yesterday.
  • Megan Henderson, who I wanted to see in hi-def, was not on the news this morning.
  • It seems like the comments written here yesterday were particularly hateful. Not sure what caused the Bubba Factor to get out of whack.
  • I saw Milk with my "companion" last night. (Ok, it's a cute little blonde gal so everyone calm yourselves.)
  • Milk is great. Sean Penn is greater.
  • Milk also has old news footage of Anita Bryant, a lady I hadn't thought of in years, and her anti-gay campaign. (Her life, as profiled on Wikipedia, would be a pretty good movie in itself, and the "pie in the face" footage was huge news when I was a kid.)
  • I love it when movies based upon real life show photos at the end of the "real people" upon which it was based. (That was a hard sentence to word, and I'm still not pleased.)
  • Jarhead is going to end up on the news some day in a road rage incident. Case in point. But I still don't understand what started it all yesterday.
  • "Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards," - Our new Attorney General proclaimed yesterday.
  • The world will not end in 2012?
  • You can go to Texas Stadium one last time this weekend (free entry/free parking) and buy some crap. I might do it.
  • The roads around Grapevine Mills Mall are confusing. But one did lead me by a place called Cutie Pie's that I had heard about.
  • Some are wondering if Tech will fire Mike Leach. If I'm the Athletic Director, I'd be the one worrying about my job.
  • Ever thought about Heath Ledger's The Joker and Beetlejuice in the same photo?
  • Everyone tells me I would like Step Brothers.
  • I hate this time of year for some reason.