The Gun Show

So I went to the gun show at Will Rogers Coliseum yesterday because, well, I was bored and I wanted to be entertained. I hadn't been to one in over 15 years, and I still recall the last one being full of some colorful characters. Observations: But the highlight of the day came from some guy associated with the top photo. You see, I took that photo which prompted him to track me down 10 minutes later and two aisles away. Him: "Did you take a picture of our booth?" Me: "Uh, what booth is that?" Him: "The Border Volunteers." Me: "I absolutely did." Him: "Why?" Upon reflection, I'm mad at myself. Because I should have told him "none of your business" or "I'm with the CIA - the Obama one" or "Why do you hate freedom?" but the only thought that came to mind was, "Because I was fascinated with it." Which was true. (I think it was the photo they displayed of two guys tied up with the caption "Asian Nationals Caught At Border" that initially got my attention.) Anyway, the guy tells me that there was no photography allowed in the gun show (which I still seriously doubt) but he didn't want me to delete the picture. He really didn't want anything, and I'm still not sure why he even confronted me. I mean, they got that booth up for publicity but they don't want photographic publicity? Odd.