Oh, My

I just got my copy of Voice For The Defense which is a magazine for Texas criminal defense lawyers. A few months back they started a feature called "Kudos" which provides blurbs about lawyers receiving awards, winning appellate cases on unique legal issues, or doing great things like working successfully on the Innocence Project. Oh, yeah, and occasionally they will throw in a "not guilty" trial win. Which brings me to the above blurb. It's self explanatory but, if not, it says a guy was found not guilty of sexual assault while he was on probation (the result of a plea bargain) for a different crime that had originally been indicted as sexual assault of a child. I understand the kudo (since I assume the guy was not guilty or the evidence was insufficient to convict), but the magazine might want to tap the brakes on the way they word these things. If it made me cringe, I bet it will drive you insane.