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This Reminded Me Of Something

How many suicides do you think are caused by auto wrecks? I mean, how would you ever know? This came up as I finished The Tipping Point which discussed how, stay with me here, even suicides can be contagious. That is, one death can give other people the "courage" to do that act. And, as attempted evidence, the author cited studies that show an increase in fatal car crashes the day after a highly publicized suicide. (Uh, this does not constitute a Thursday afternoon pick me up.)


Gorilla said...

Suicides are caused by listening to Ozzy cassettes on your Walkman.

Anonymous said...

Just knowing that a liberal weenie committed suicide is pick me up enough.

Anonymous said...

Several years ago some friends of my grandparents were in a van traveling just outside Las Vegas when an apparently troubled young girl (early 20's) crossed the highway and hit them head on. It killed the girl, two people in the van and injured two others. When they investigated the accident scene they found a suicide note in the girl's car detailing how she was going to kill herself by causing a head on collision. I wonder if she thought she would also destroy 4 other people's lives?

Anonymous said...

Suicides are caused by Ozzy? thats like tryin to say somthing along the lines of that "CASE" made against the band Judas Preist by the parents of the kid who killed himself .....they claimed the lyrics etc etc told him to off himself Blah Blah Blah

Yet many dont know the MASH theme which is played before every re-run of M*A*S*H to this date... is a song titled Suicide is Painless!
anyone can hummm the little tune....but few actually know the WORD to the song!

I belive the Lawey for Judas Preist actually used that knowledge of the MASH theme in hi closing statments??? Judas Preist was not held liable for the Dumb little S*@ t offing himself!

Just sayin by the way I am no fan of either Ozzy or Judas Preist!

Anonymous said...

Consider the Von Erich family of Texas. Fritz von Erich was a famous wrestler and promoter in the 1960/70's.

He had 6 sons. Oldest died tragically as a child (fell unconscious after touching live electric wire, fell into a puddle water and drown).

All remaining 5 sons became wrestlers as young adults.

*David - died at age 25 of questionable causes. Many believe it was a drug overdose.

*Mike - committed suicide at age 23

* Chris - committed suicide at age 21

* Kerry -committed suicide at age 33

* Kevin - only survivor

Anonymous said...

If you're going to kill yourself by having a car wreck, drive off a cliff, that way you only hurt yourself!!!!

Anonymous said...

"How many suicides do you think are caused by auto wrecks?"

Your question implies that the auto wreck causes the suicide. By definition, suicides are caused by the deceased person. Auto wrecks could be a method, but not a cause.

Your question should be something like "How many auto wrecks are suicide attempts?"

I look forward to grading your final term paper.

Double Fake Professor Charles W. Kingsfield, Jr.

Barry Green said...

Dear Prof. Kingfish,

I'm not buying that. If I decided to off myself with a pistol to the heart, I'm pretty sure the medical examiner's report would read, "Cause of Death: Gunshot wound to the heart." Ergo, the gunshot caused my suicide.

- Double Fake James T. Hart

Anonymous said...

Wow Kingfish,,

How'd ya like that spanking?

Anonymous said...


You pulled the trigger in your scenario, which means you caused the gun to fire, resulting in the bullet causing your death. The initial act, pulling the trigger, was done by you. You also pointed the gun at yourself(stupid move). Therefore, you caused your own death by firing a gun yourself pointed at a vital organ.

Next time, I suggest you point at your head, there doesn't seem to be a vital organ there.

And as a favor to me, please do not turn in your term paper. I have anticipated the value of your effort and entered a grade for you in my grade book. It is safe to say you avoided the first four letters of the English alphabet.

Good luck in your career as a refuse engineering.

Double Fake Professor Charles W. Kingsfield, Jr.

Anonymous said...

Death is different than suicide. The problem is in thinking suicide and death are the same, together in time. Can't be. You can't be dead and then act to kill yourself. Suicide precedes death, even if just by a fraction. It HAS to. Death is the result of the event we would characterize as suicide.

Anonymous said...

In Plano, I believe back in the mid 80's, there was a rash of right after the other. Teenagers, several of them friends. There was major panic going on in that city back then because parents, officials had no idea when it would cease. I believe there were 6 suicides in all.

Anonymous said...

Well, if I were going to commit suicide by car wreck, I would first get the best insurance I could, and then make sure to attempt to make it look accidental, and I would not head-on a family car.

I would go for a rock truck, or a tanker, or a gas truck, and I would try to fake them out first, so that they might swerve in my lane, and only I would perish, because the truck driver was so way up in his big safer truck.

No, wait....that wouldn't work because he would be able to describe my erratic driving....

I give's just not worth it. I guess I'll live til I die.

Anonymous said...

My idea of myself comitting suicide is jumping out of a basement window. DAGO

Anonymous said...

Is Judas Priest behind this?

The Donald said...

Shoot. Everyone knows suicide is not caused by Ozzy or Judas Priest. It's caused by BOC - Don't Fear the Reaper. Great song. More cowbell.

Kudos to Anon 0348 for invoking John Houseman's Paper Chase character. Hadn't thought of that series in years. I also used to like his Smith Barney commercials: "They make money the old fashioned way - they earn it."

What an antiquated notion...

Anonymous said...

Skippy, who is Ergo?

Anonymous said...

To answer your question: Yes, some families create a "culture" in which suicides are acceptable. It is not uncommon. Unfortunately.

1:35: Once again you display your profound sensitivity. As "ignorance is bliss", I expect you sleep well.

Anonymous said...

I was killed in a car wreck once- for real, my wifes boyfriend cut the brake lines, of course 'The Man' ruled it a suicide but, we all know better.

Anonymous said...

Profundity- just one more service I offer.