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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I live a life of distraction
  • I kind of tear up every time I see the "In Memoriam" segment on "This Week With George Stephanopoulos."
  • I like John Legend's "Save Room For My Love."
  • Whatever happened to Annie Potts?
  • Everyone is talking about Shaq's intro at the All Star game this weekend. Kind of Reminds me of Vanilla Sky.
  • Speaking of Peter Gabriel (who had a song in Vanilla Sky), I had no idea what he looked like. The man is getting old.
  • I had The Perfect Storm on yesterday and had forgotten that one of the characters was named "Sully."
  • I went to the gun show yesterday in Fort Worth but it deserves its own post later.
  • I do not understand NASCAR.
  • Friday The 13th won the box office race this weekend with $42 million. Sheesh.
  • I saw The Wrestler on Friday. My companion hated it while I was fairly fascinated. Something about an over-the-hill guy clinging to his past really grabbed my attention. (Go figure.) And Marisa Tomei was smokin' hot.
  • A Wise County girl had back to back dates this weekend. (Although she isn't familiar with the paragraph.)