I Ruined A Perfectly Good Lunch . . .

. . . of some nice Decatur teachers when I was asked to speak about this blog, technology or something.

  • I was like Obama in Germany except completely different
  • But man, that was a huge crowd. I was scared to death.
  • The group was very gracious and, in general, laughed when I had planned for them to laugh (although I'll keep my day job.)
  • That was the first time I had been in Decatur High School. Very nice place.
  • Awkwardness developed when I spoke of my "running bit" of posting stories of female teacher/male student sex scandals (my "And Another" topics). Note to self: Rethink that
  • I had a wireless mic and a wireless presentation from Google Docs. That was cool.
  • The Superintendent, Gary Gindt, even came up and said hello before the presentation. That was a very funny moment because I had a live mic on me so I really couldn't say anything. But he seems like a very nice guy.
  • Saw a couple of friends (even Lovelit from that blog list on the right.)
  • My voice kind of cracked when I was asked about posts I was most proud of (you'd be surprised, it was a completely sappy moment.)
  • Although it isn't that interesting without my down home country witticisms, the presentation is below now here.