Kind Of Funny Courtroom Moment This Morning

I was sitting to the side of the courtroom going over plea papers with a client while the judge was hearing an adoption prove-up. It's basically a formality of the attorney asking the prospective parents a series of questions that have to be on the record.

This one was a little unusual because I bet there were five kids up there with the parents. It was a little chaotic, but the judge allows a little bit of chaos during adoption hearings because, unlike almost everything else he handles, they are happy occasions. From the best I could tell, a very young child was the one that was subject to the adoption.

And then the funny part happened. The child was crying quite a bit as the attorney asked the mother if the adoption "was in the best interest of the child." Of course she will say "yes" and once she does so the judge can grant the adoption. But the moment after she uttered the
yes", the kid (who was oblivious to the whole process) really gave out a loud cry. The judge, in mock humor, then told the one, "I'll give you a chance to reconsider if you want to."

All went well. And a child has a new mom and dad this morning.