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I'm Back From The Dark Side Of The Moon

Originally written on Friday morning . . .
  • As I'm typing this, I know I won't be able to immediately post it because Blogger has flagged my little Blog as being a possible "spam blog". They actually have to have a human review it before I'll be able to publish again.
  • I'm pretty sure the government is behind this blatant censorship
  • My DirecTv went out yesterday and I spent the entire evening without live television. I almost went insane. And I began to plan my weekend for an extended outage. (Prior TIVO recordings, DVDs on hand, Netflix on demand, Hulu). But it was working this morning.
  • Someone wrote the other day that Star Wars had the roman numeral "IV" in its title when it was released. I look it up. Nope, it didn't
  • One of those girls in the pic above is 18 years old and will be a cheerleader for the New England Patriots this fall.
  • I think is extremely overrated.
  • We have a "heat advisory" until 7:00 p.m. on Monday? (per WBAP)
  • The most violent So You Think You Can Dance clip ever. (Or it could be called "Faceplant Friday.")
  • The Man jacked with Snoop Dogg's tour bus outside of Dallas yesterday and arrested two of its occupants for marijuana possession. Marahoochie on Snoop's bus? I'm shocked. Absolutely shocked.
  • Since I had no live TV I put on as background noise the four hour recorded Today Show from that morning. Eventually, three hours into it, Kathie Lee Gifford appeared. Oh, my. Talk about television anthrax. She is unbearable.
  • Mark Cuban lost an arbitration with former coach Don Nelson yesterday and has to pay over $6 million. But look at this quote from Nelson's lawyer: "It was not so much a defeat of Cuban as it was an ass-whipping." That's a bold statement.
  • It didn't take long for the jury to find the defendant guilty in the Intoxication Manslaughter case in Fort Worth I've been following. Punishment, which could be up to 20 years in prison and as low as probation, will be assessed by the jury today. I don't think the Defendant has any criminal history. That type of decision is so tough because the defendant didn't intent to kill anyone. Some people get drunk and hit a curb. He hit an occupied car. I would never vote for it, but I bet the jury picks 12 years
  • I saw about 40 army tanks on a train between Rhome and Decatur this morning. Freaky.