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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The AP did a story on Kenneth Copeland Ministries this weekend with the basic gist being: He's rich and so is his extended family. No surprises there.
  • In a related note, they were discussing pastor wealth on KLIF this morning when I heard this odd caller: "I don't want my pastor driving a Hummer 2 with 26 inch rims, but if he has a standard Mercedes I don't have any problem with that." Huh?Actually watched the first half of the Cowboys/Giants playoff game from last year that I've had on my TIVO forever.
  • Man, the testimony yesterday in the Intoxication Manslaughter case that killed the Fort Worth police officer was graphic. And with the blood-alcohol content of the driver being .20, I don't know why the defense lawyer just doesn't have the guy plead guilty, take responsibility, and have the jury assess punishment.
  • But the defense lawyer, who was interviewed outside the courtroom, seems to struggle a little with his thoughts.
  • I was bothered by this from the defense lawyer: "Sometimes blood alcohol tests may have some errors in it." Really? Breath tests, yes. Blood tests, not so much. And the prosecutor always has this ace in the hole: If our blood test was wrong, why didn't you take the sample an analyze it by your own experts?
  • I saw some of the prosecutor's opening statement on TV and he did a good job. But this was an odd statement: "At the time he was making these choices, his alcohol level was over that objective limit," prosecutor Mark Thielman said. Why get fancy? Why not say is alcohol limit was "though the roof?"
  • I had my iPhone lock up on me for only the second time in four or five months yesterday.
  • Time waste? Some sportswriter in Oklahoma ranks in level of importance all of the 96 Big 12 games this year.
  • Talked to a fellow lawyer yesterday who goes to Vegas every year for the opening weekend in the NFL. Good bit.
  • Someone wrote in the comments about having trouble hearing the dialogue in the Batman movie. True that. I wanted subtitles.
  • I'm through 9 episodes of the The Wire. Here's a bold statement: Best. TV. Series. Ever.
  • Williamson County DA John Bradley (who used to be my nemesis but has turned out to be a really nice guy) emailed me to mention that he'll be speaking on blogs and ethics at the Advanced Criminal Law Course in San Antonio at the end of this month and that he'll mention my fine work here. I think he's amused at the Random Girl Pics every day.
  • I almost went with this girl for today's pic.
  • The Whataburger chicken salad is pretty good. But I think the lady on the speaker gets confused when I say "no dressing." (I use my own fat free stuff.)
  • Apparently tires were getting worn down left and right at the NASCAR race at Indy this weekend. Here's what Dale Jr. had to say, "I've never seen nothing like it."
  • Do you still have to register for the draft when you turn 18?
  • After a week at an all inclusive resort, I only gained 2 pounds. (I think it takes a week or so for the extra weight to officially show up.)
  • Flashback: 23 people killed in Luby's in Killeen in 1991. I'm pretty sure that gave rise to the concealed handgun law a few years later. (The shooting in the church in Tennessee this weekend made me think about it.)
  • This youtube video has caused a NYC cop to be suspended.
  • Suicide bombers killed 32 in Baghdad yesterday. Is The Surge really working?
  • The "top party school" lists give me Tired Head. All of them on the new list make sense to me except for this entry at #6: Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va.
  • And of course in a couple of years we'll have a new campus on the list: Weatherford College at Wise County, Texas.
  • Documentary maker and Wise County commissioner Ken Burns is 55 today. Wait. Let me double check that.
  • Not hearing much from the Global Warming naysayers right now, are we?