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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Whenever I hear a siren in the background (like I did this morning in Decatur), I want to go follow it (Edit: I soooooooo didn't mean it that way.)
  • I rarely say stuff like this, but I'm not sure the defense lawyer in the Intoxication Manslaughter case that killed Fort Worth Police Officer Dwayne Freeto knows what he is doing. (Story from yesterday.)
  • The gym at Decatur High School is impressive
  • I think I'd get fired if I was a teacher because I'm sure I'd say something sarcastic that some kid would take as serious.
  • Remember when AOL was going to be the king of the Internet?
  • I wish I knew more about Intellectual Property Law. I mean, I know I couldn't put Britney Spears image in an ad for my law firm that says, "Go visit this law firm, yawl", but John McCain can use her image in a campaign ad. Or can he?
  • I'm getting close to giving up on Scott McLellan book, What Really Happened. It's boring and really provides no insight whatsoever.
  • The reality show Black Gold (about life on an oil rig) is getting a little bit better. Man, I don't know how more guys aren't killed on those things.
  • I just realized last weekend that the Dallas Morning News now costs $2.00 on weekends. Almost not worth it.
  • I'm paranoid about leaving my garage door up. I never roll out of the driveway until I see it go all the way down and stop.
  • Internet gambling on sports should be legal. I can bet $10,000 on American Airlines stock today but I can't put $100 on Wake Forest to cover the spread against Baylor?
  • The Cowboys are expressing interest in ex-Evil Empire QB Chris Simms as a backup. One of the wildest moments in my sports history when I was at the Big 12 Championship Game at Texas Stadium between Colorado and Texas when I thought the the Texas crowd was going to lynch Simms on the spot.
  • I've always thought it would be cool to live and work in Manhattan.
  • And I want to spend a week driving leisurely through The South.
  • This is the equivalent to the heat of the Summer of 1980, but with all of August still left, it could be. (And it's supposed to be 105 on Sunday?)
  • John Kerry party photos. (He claims the girls just came up to him after he got off a boat. I tend to believe that. Note to self: Get boat.) Credit: Emailer Keith.
  • It seems like I'm hearing of lots of kids killed by falling TVs. I think its a situation where flat panels are placed on TV stands and not mounted to the wall.
  • Not a golfer at Runaway Bay.
  • Former Ranger great Pudge Rodriguez became a New York Yankee yesterday. Didn't Ranger management think he was going to "break down" about 10 years ago?
  • A tankless hot what heater sounds like a good idea. A "sleep number bed" seems silly.
  • Gangs of New York is pretty good (but it comes on two DVDs). The main character's hatred of Irish immigrants reminds me of some local folks hatred of Mexican illegal immigration today.
  • A big title company pulled out of Texas yesterday. Trickle down effect of the mortgage fiasco, I presume.
  • If you want to see what Cowboy's training camp is like, here's a youtube video. People are way too excited.
  • I was in a seminar in Austin once and dropped by the Cowboys training camp along with a girl who decided to wear a bikini top because of the hot weather. I can't stop thinking about that now.
  • There was an Air Guitar competition in the metroplex last weekend. That drives me insane.
  • Exxon Mobile has released its net income figure for the second quarter. No company has ever made that much money in three months. Ever. We're all suckers.