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My New Hero

I rant all the time about my weedeater because the dang thing would rather malfunction than wack some weeds. I "might" have actually tossed it a good 10 feet in disgust the other day in my front lawn. (I've noticed the neighbors have distanced from me ever since.)

But what has this guy done? His lawnmower wouldn't start so he reacted like any good These-Colors-Don't-Run American and took the business end of his short barrelled shotgun and unloaded on his Lawn Boy. I'm right there with ya, brother.

But, since we now live in Communist Russia, he was arrested. If I were him, I'd whip out a copy of the U.S. Constitution and point to the Second Amendment. Our founding fathers certainly had the protection of a man in mind who wants to blast a crappy Lawn Boy. That's what's called an inalienable right.