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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Stumbled on the oddest and greatest show this morning: All I know is that it was called "Sunrise Earth" (or something like that) and it was simply video of remote parts or Norway, at sunrise, with audio of the wind. No talking. Just landscape. I couldn't look away but I had to leave because it last 30 minutes.
  • I'm beginning to identify specific points in my life where I made major mistakes.
  • I think I saw that oil fell below $150 a barrel yesterday -- we may see gas below $1.60.
  • I hate the ol' wake-up-and-remember-that-clothes-you-need for that morning are still in the washer. So then you throw them in the dryer and compete in the "get ready to leave" vs. "are they dry yet" race.
  • And you know that if you open the door to the dryer to peek on the status of the clothes and you're wrong, that you've let out all the hot air.
  • Redneck Luxury: Did you see the Texas Motor Speedway is ripping out about 20,000 seats to make way for premiere RV spots that will lease for $15,000 a year. I'm washing the Family Truckster as we speak.
  • Every time I watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, I laugh.
  • There's a gal that always claims she knows when I'm in a bad mood based upon these Random Thoughts. Darlin', you have no idea.
  • Dallas Morning News financial guru Scott Burns wrote last month that he is against pre-nuptial agreements because it sends the wrong message about the marriage. Puhleeze. You're a financial advisor, not Dr. Phil.
  • Two girls were arrested for stealing stuff after posing as Colleyville High School students. I refer to them as the "blurry mug shot and hot mug shot girls".
  • Britney Spears, who is looking smoking hot these days, turns 27 today.
  • I wish the Bridgeport/Liberty Hill game were to be played in the afternoon.
  • George Bush bowls with a frozen turkey a few years back while host (Norm Hitzges) announces that the event will ruin any chance he ever has to become President.


Anonymous said...

Barry you've just blown the people of Southlakes cover. You mean to tell me people in Southlake shop at "resale" shops?

Anonymous said...

"I think I saw that oil fell below $150 a barrel yesterday..."
It fell well below $150. It is currently below $50. And I paid $1.55/gal last week in Denton at the Walmart

"Two girls were arrested for stealing stuff after posing as Colleyville High School students."
And you never draw attention to yourself wearing something that resembles intimate apparel to a high school

"I wish the Bridgeport/Liberty Hill game were to be played in the afternoon."
Amen to that. It will be a late night driving back

"George Bush bowls with a frozen turkey a few years back while host (Norm Hitzges) announces that the event will ruin any chance he ever has to become President."
Well, Norm does have a nose for handicapping!

Triple Fake Argumentative Caller

Anonymous said...

On the way up, supply and demand were the cause of $4 gass. Now it is $1.60.

Does anyone really think demand has gone down over 50%?

Yet we want to emasculate the execs of the Big 3?

Isn't it time to take all the bastards to the woodshed?

America has lost it's way. Greed is the driving force......not fair market value, honesty, etc.

And I dont' see anyone on the horizon advocating anyting but more of the same.

Anonymous said...

BG just referrred the precisous grapevine high school student as "hot"

you dirty boy.

Anonymous said...

Does she play the fiddle ?

Anonymous said...

You can watch Sunrise Earth on the Discovery HD channel. It is awesome in HD. If you haven't seen the Planet Earth series, that is also very cool in HD on the same channel

Anonymous said...

Gold and silver are way down.

Anonymous said...

Yep, President elect Obama is only going to be another "Yes-Man" to the powers that be because he'll benefit from it in the long run. He appears to be taking a more middle of the road approach and I'm sure "Move On Dot Org" is none to happy. As well, those who thought he would take care of them and pay for their homes and cars will now be complaining he's an "Uncle Tom", hell,everybody in Washington is an "Uncle Tom". Welcome to the truth people, this is how it works. It was the only reason I was voting for McCain and why most in Washington didn't want him to win. Oh, by the way, has anyone seen Ms. Obamas new ring Barack bought her for helping him during the campaign? Said to be worth 30k. Hey more power to him but I wonder how the poor folks feel? Live and Learn. Say all you wish about Bush, he hasn't been perfect but I'll bet money Obama doesn't stray too far off the road thats been paved over the last eight years.

Anonymous said...

re the pic:

Just remember, no matter how hot she looks, there is a mallard somewhere that has told her to stop quacking and shut the hell up.

Double Fake Daffy Duck

Anonymous said...

Gas is $1.46 in Lubbock. Here is a link that I use to find cheap gas. They will text message prices to you for any location in the U.S. or Canada. I wish someone living in Decatur would post prices at this site. I paid $1.65 yesterday at the Murphy/Walmart in Roanoak.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating quackers!

Triple Fake Donald Duck

Anonymous said...

Rather than buy his wife a new ring I think Obama should redistribute his wealth to the poor. Isn't that what he promised? He is not president yet. There are five cases before the U.S. Supreme Court challenging his citizenship status.

Anonymous said...

Puchased gas over Thanksgiving in NW Arkansas for $1.39!


Buckwheat said...

She should be attending Oregon State---- the BEAVERS!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's not worth going to Arkansas for cheap gas
I'm just sayin'

RPM said...

Gas in Arkansas... $1.39.

Full set of teeth in Arkansas... priceless.

Anonymous said...

I love to rub my sports cream all over her body. That'd be sumethin to cheer about.

Anonymous said...

So....we are calling it "sports cream" now are we. Sinner

Anonymous said...

Bubba, has that new fad caught on in Arkansas yet? I think they are calling them shoes.

Anonymous said...

The lords of oil are starting to sweat over in dune land!They and the rest of the world are addicted to our US Dollar!

I'm starting to see a pattern emerge...the larger the breast on the babes of "random thoughts" the more comments that are left...just an observation :)!

uncle fester 2012

britneyloverrrr said...


our girlfriend britney will be on tour next year!!!!!!


shes stopping in DALLAS on march 31st, which is a tuesday--which means i cant go because i would have to fly to dallas then back to memphis for class by 11 the next day could go and post pictures on here. yayy!! its a wonderful plan, i know.

tickets are 125 for the good seats--now is not the time to be cheap barry.

do it for our girl.

Anonymous said...

TMS is ripping out seats because ticket sales are falling. It's a great thing that people are finally realizing that its not worth thousands of dollars to attend sporting events to make others rich.

Anonymous said...

Its just "go left" merry-go-round B.S. anyways...who would call that sport??? No TALENT-NASCAR SUX!!!