Random Wednesday Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I really don't like Cynthia Izaguirre from the Channel 8 morning show.
  • Right next to the the driver's license hearing building in Fort Worth that I go to all the time is a Planned Parenthood office. Every now and then I see a very stressed young girl go in and out of there, and I always feel concern for them
  • You'll never find a blind and deaf man in prison.
  • Anybody having trouble selling a home in Wise County? It seems like I see some with "for sale" signs up for almost a year.
  • Note to City of Decatur: I saw one of those Christmas banners blow off a light pole by the courthouse square on Sunday. I picked it up, folded it, and placed up by the courthouse door. Let's just say that I became the leader for next year's "Citizen of the Year" award.
  • Christmas should be every other year.
  • Finally met my out-of-state client yesterday. Nice and cute.
  • I read in one of the news magazines that the kid that was expelled in the "Bong Hits For Jesus" case (the one that went to the Supreme Court) is now in China "teaching English" and "learning Mandarin Chinese."
  • Facebook is a little confusing. A lot going on there.
  • Tech coach Mike Leach is being courted by Washington and Auburn. I think that Washington job would be a great gig. I was in Seattle one time and found the city to be great.
  • Delicious: The forecast for the Dallas game at Pittsburgh on Sunday is 28 degrees with a 40% chance of snow.
  • I can no longer read without reading glasses. Three years ago, I didn't even own a pair.
  • Pacman Jones wore Homer Simpson pajama pants to the Cowboys practice yesterday. (Photographic evidence.) Coincidentally, I wore Ned Flanders underwear to work.