Mind Bursts

  • I tried to take a picture of the text of the 1979 Dave Campbell magazine I mentioned this morning, but the glare was killing the shot. (I don't have a scanner hooked up right now.) I'll get it done.
  • There's some show on Fox right now about a millionaire going "undercover" to work as a common man. Not a bad theme.
  • I ate a 7-11 sandwich in my car today. Not-a-good.
  • Someone met me yesterday for the first time after reading this silly blog for about a year. The main observation: The fact that I have as thick of an accent as I do.
  • I don't know what I'm going to do with my Netflix account. I can now watch programs recorded on a DVR on the TV in front of my treadmill. That's the only time I used to watch movies.