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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The Monday after a long weekend is never-a-good.
  • I finished the Turkey Trot with a time of 1:10:33. The official results even had the time down to a hundredth of a second which seems a little silly.
  • Assistant County Attorney Thomas Aaberg showed up at the last minute and ran a 59:31 which included a bathroom break because he, uh, showed up at the last minute.
  • My favorite part of the race is at the six mile mark where the course loops you back and you see downtown Dallas which is where the finish line is. It is at that moment, every year, that I'm thankful for my health. Almost got a little teary eyed this time. Or maybe that was just because the pain in my legs.
  • It's December.
  • Given enough time, I think everyone will disappoint you.
  • My sickness went away on Thursday but not before my mom packaged up a bunch of loose Vitamin C pills for me to take home. Looking at them on my passenger seat in a baggie made me think I was soooooo going to be spread eagle on the ground if a cop had stopped me that night.
  • I don't believe that Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, and I don't believe that Cyber Money is the busiest online shopping day of the year.
  • Bridgeport's opponent this weekend, Liberty Hill, is apparently very good. If you're the kind of guy that likes message board smack talk about the game, you'll love this.
  • There was a motorcycle death on 114 in Irving on Friday but the tragedy of the weekend has to be the Waxahachie family driving into Mexico whose SUV goes off of a bridge that had been washed out. Seven died.
  • The great Sarah Silverman is 38 today.
  • How can a show like The Deadliest Catch suck you in like it does?
  • At the urging of a buddy, I created a Facebook account. After three days I had one friend. I just sat there looking at the screen with Barry tears rolling down my Barry cheeks.
  • Remember girls, don't have relations in a the men's restroom with someone who is not your husband or your picture will be posted on the Internets.
  • Holy cow, Baylor almost beat Texas Tech on Saturday but I didn't know that Tech's quarterback had two fingers crushed on his non-throwing hand and that he "underwent four hours of surgery Sunday on the pinkie and ring fingers on his left hand, with 17 pins and two plates inserted in his hand to heal nine separate breaks." And he never came out of the game.
  • I spent 20 minutes of Friday morning watching Jerry Springer. I'm not sure, but I think it involved infidelity amongst family members and a fight on stage ensued.
  • I may find an out of state bowl game to go to. I haven't done that since 2004 but the stars seem to be aligning for it.