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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Man, I don't recall a double murder + suicide happening in Keller in August but the Keller newspaper, as reprinted in the Star Telegram, has a crazy story about it today.
  • New national unemployment numbers come out this morning. Let the implosion continue.
  • I've decided I love the cold but I don't like it cold and windy. (I probably already knew this, it just takes me a while to remember it every fall.)
  • Too many people take themselves too seriously. I couldn't live like that.
  • You know, President Bush's new house isn't as nice as you thought it would be. But some Realtor on Fox 4 last night probably stretched it when she called it "Just an average home for an average person."
  • Some parents in Rowlett are objecting to the high school's drama department wanting to put on the play Rent. As much as I think high school kids today are knuckleheads, I think they can handle Rent without immediately going out an engaging in gay sex and drug use.
  • I just expressed that hot sports opinion without ever having seen Rent. (But I did see 525,600 Minutes performed on Good Morning America once and loved it. )
  • I downloaded the new Fray song, "You Found Me." I'm not sure what it is about that group, but it's pretty much the only band that will stop me down.
  • I'm still mad that the White Rock (Half) Marathon sold out before I could sign up. I'm not going to do it, but I guess a person could just show up at the event and run. I mean, could they keep you from running on public streets? Is this Russia? (No, Danny, it's not Russia.)
  • The TV show Scrubs ran a commercial last week involving a flatulence joke with sound effects. We are entering the age of Idiocracy.
  • There is nothing funny about this youtube clip of a man almost crying over the closure of a library. Well, almost nothing. Wait, that is funny.
  • I can't remember the last time I was in a library.
  • Do they still use the Dewey Decimal System? And was that such a great system anyway?
  • To be such a superpower, we would be pretty helpless if India decides to nuke Pakistan. (And, sheesh, Pakistan is one wheels off country.)
  • I still like the up to the minute public timeline of Twitpic (showing pictures that are being uploaded, normally from cell phones, right now) but it's also kind of neat to see all active calls that the "Dallas Fire and Rescue" department is dispatched to at this very moment. Does that make me a voyeur?
  • Upon reflection, I'm surprised Obama's "redistribute the wealth" comment didn't hurt him more than it did. I understand it, but it's just the sort of thing that changes a campaign.
  • I've had an interesting week.