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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Man, I don't recall a double murder + suicide happening in Keller in August but the Keller newspaper, as reprinted in the Star Telegram, has a crazy story about it today.
  • New national unemployment numbers come out this morning. Let the implosion continue.
  • I've decided I love the cold but I don't like it cold and windy. (I probably already knew this, it just takes me a while to remember it every fall.)
  • Too many people take themselves too seriously. I couldn't live like that.
  • You know, President Bush's new house isn't as nice as you thought it would be. But some Realtor on Fox 4 last night probably stretched it when she called it "Just an average home for an average person."
  • Some parents in Rowlett are objecting to the high school's drama department wanting to put on the play Rent. As much as I think high school kids today are knuckleheads, I think they can handle Rent without immediately going out an engaging in gay sex and drug use.
  • I just expressed that hot sports opinion without ever having seen Rent. (But I did see 525,600 Minutes performed on Good Morning America once and loved it. )
  • I downloaded the new Fray song, "You Found Me." I'm not sure what it is about that group, but it's pretty much the only band that will stop me down.
  • I'm still mad that the White Rock (Half) Marathon sold out before I could sign up. I'm not going to do it, but I guess a person could just show up at the event and run. I mean, could they keep you from running on public streets? Is this Russia? (No, Danny, it's not Russia.)
  • The TV show Scrubs ran a commercial last week involving a flatulence joke with sound effects. We are entering the age of Idiocracy.
  • There is nothing funny about this youtube clip of a man almost crying over the closure of a library. Well, almost nothing. Wait, that is funny.
  • I can't remember the last time I was in a library.
  • Do they still use the Dewey Decimal System? And was that such a great system anyway?
  • To be such a superpower, we would be pretty helpless if India decides to nuke Pakistan. (And, sheesh, Pakistan is one wheels off country.)
  • I still like the up to the minute public timeline of Twitpic (showing pictures that are being uploaded, normally from cell phones, right now) but it's also kind of neat to see all active calls that the "Dallas Fire and Rescue" department is dispatched to at this very moment. Does that make me a voyeur?
  • Upon reflection, I'm surprised Obama's "redistribute the wealth" comment didn't hurt him more than it did. I understand it, but it's just the sort of thing that changes a campaign.
  • I've had an interesting week.


Anonymous said...

Please remember Barry that the redistribution comment would only be exploited against a candidate that the media did not want for the office. We are about to have the media's boy in office. I do agree that such a comment should have been lethal in a capitalist country.

Anonymous said...

Really??? Rent the movie and then dedide. Whether you agree or not with the musical (I actually love it), it has no business in a high school drama department.

Chris said...
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Knarf said...

The man crying at the library closing is funny. Inside his head, he's thinking, "Now where am I going to go to prey on young boys?"

Anonymous said...

Did you see how the media flipped Obammy's comment and made it about Joe the Plumber? Even weenies used state employees to snoop into his records and dig up any dirt they could on a private citizen. Wasn't it the weenie bunch that were complaining about W using wiretaps to snoop on terrorists saying it was taking away from their rights? And you see how the media vicously attacked Sarah Palin. I hope the mainstream media and the low IQ voter base are happy with what they got.

Anonymous said...

You could always register for the full marathon and just run the half marathon. I don't think the marathon police will arrest you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry, did you notice in the Update that you were a part of something (JUMP) this summer that made Texas School Business' Bragging Rights Issue? Although not mentioned by name, I feel sure you played a large part in the committee selecting it as one of the 12 best programs offered by school districts across the state : )

Anonymous said...

Does anyone still use slide rules ?

Anonymous said...

I don't think the gay sex and drug use will be anything new for high school students.

Anonymous said... comment about jessica simpson moving into tonys house?

Anonymous said...

He depended on that library. He needed that library. That library was his rock, his alee, his safe haven. It was his image of childhood. Where he learned that Lions live in Africa not in Zoos in the middle of Philadelphia and the government is for the people by the people and......ahwww screw it it is just a freakin library.

Silicone Alley said...

Of course you haven't been in a library in ages your a cheater and do audio books.

Anonymous said...

8:52 I have 12" but seldom use it as a Rule.

Anonymous said...

What are the exceptions to the rule on using it? Only in emergencies? Most women would say that's a waste

wordkyle said...

Obama's "redistribution" comment was just one in a series of comments he made that should have hindered him. If the media had treated him as a normal candidate he would never have made it through the Democrat primaries.

Get ready for the mother of all wealth redistribution plans, courtesy of your new President.

Anonymous said...

As the air cools and the winds blow in the frigid nordic air, I feel refreshed and renewed to the point that I feel young again. Christmas fellowship also creates this feeling. The thoughts of presents and the belief in Santa Claus. It is a time and era to be young, so remember this and give yourself and everyone around you good cheer instead of a glare and the general understanding that I just do not like you.

The winds of change start with next breath from your lips.

Anonymous said...

WordKyle, what's your point?

Dubya had his 8 years and look at where we are. Why don't you give Obama a chance and stop trying to scare people? I mean, let's be honest, it would be next to impossible for Obama to be any worse than 43.

wordkyle said...

1248 - During the Bush presidency, up until the last year or so, the economy has been pretty good. We have not had another terrorist attack in seven years. That's where we are.

Now, let's judge Obama on his own merits. He's already sponsored legislation to add $800 billion more in giveaways to the United Nations for redistribution, on top of what Americans are committed to paying for now. There is no perceptible benefit to Americans for this plan -- it's what Obama thinks we "ought" to do. Obama also doesn't believe that Americans should be able to drive SUV's, eat all they want, or keep their homes at 72 degrees.

That's a simple statement of Obama's actions and positions. Does that scare you? If so, don't blame me, blame your new president.

(And, let's be honest, you have no desire to be "honest" about George W. Bush.)

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle, wow you make a lot of sense, let's see "W" has had the lowest approval ratings since Judas.

Don't forget tonight's rally, be sure to bring your hood.

wordkyle said...

210 - "Approval" ratings mean what, compared to what the President actually does? As shown here, polling of an uninformed American public about politics is essentially worthless. Most people simply regurgitate what they're told to think by the media. I stated facts about both Bush and Obama, facts upon which I based my opinion. Do you have countering evidence to support your (apparently dissenting) opinion?

I assume by your closing comment that you want to imply that I'm racist. That always seems to be the fallback position of Liberals when they can't shout down a Conservative. Don't forget to bring up "nazi" and "redneck" next.

Ernest said...


Anonymous is just reading from that book that every Liberal gets that tells them how to respond to Conservatives. If they can't beat the Conservative, they are to start calling them racist rednecks.

Besides, it is easy for this person to post remarks like this under anonymous. I would like to see them attack someone and use their name.

Anonymous said...

Believing that the media elected O rest of the assumption that Americans can't think for themselves. Can be duped by what is on the screen.

I seem to remember McCain's ads repeated that phrase over and over.
Americans had every chance to fall for that crap.

They were only "thoughtfull the last two elections.......? Give me a break.

Bottom line, Obama did a better job of campaigning.

I have real doubts about Obama, but I have no doubt whatsoever that we dodged a bullet by not electing Palin.

Obama would never have made it without the help of George Bush. If anyone is to blame, poor George is it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think history will treat Judas better than W.


wordkyle said...

315 - Look here for an indication of what effect the media had on this election. More than seven times as many people incorrectly believed that Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house (88%), than knew that Obama said his economic policies would bankrupt the coal industry (12%). (SNL's Tina Fey made the Russia comment.)

Are you seriously suggesting that Obama's unvetted slide to the Presidency compares to the fine-tooth combing of Bush's background in 2000 and 2004? Do we not remember Dan Rather's attempt to use forged documents to derail Bush's campaign? Bush's candidacy and presidency are the most media-inspected in the history of politics.

Obama ran a great campaign, all right, with the media blocking for him all the way.

Anonymous said...


You have lost all credability. Have you forgotten the lens focused by Republicans on Bill and Hillary?

Poor George! He brought it all on himself.........with those false claims about WMD. Had we found them, we wouldn't be having this post.

Quite a case can be built that the press gave W a walk on Iraq, printing his leaks without ever checking them out. They surely weren't tough enough.

Once you know a guy will lie, like you guys did with Clinton, you examine every statement for its truthfullness.

I would be hard pressed to determine the bigger liar, Bill or W.

I'm pretty sure that O will get the same treatment........such is the state of today's politics.

wordkyle said...

625 - Okay...I may not have credibility to some people, but at least I can spell it.

A simple question: you call the claims about WMD "false." In the sense that they were incorrect, you're right. However, you insist that Bush "lied." Please explain how you know that, as opposed to my claim that he was simply wrong. (Which position I take because there is no evidence to the contrary.)

Everyone wants to use 20-20 hindsight to claim they "should have known better." The media is no different. In 2002-2003, the best intelligence available said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and had contacts with terrorists who would use them. The media had no better evidence than the intelligence services. They only found out more after Saddam Hussein was ousted.

The difference is that Clinton knowingly, willfully lied to the public and everyone he knew. He was saved from impeachment only because of strict partisanship on the part of Democrats (not a single Democrat Senator voted "guilty" on charges of perjury or obstruction of justice.)

My previous point stands. Obama won the Presidency without even a cursory public discussion by the media of his record, his policies or his political philosophy.

annobama said...

How many MILLIONS of jobs lost? Worse economy in HISTORY?

BAILOUTS for everybody?

The worse is still ahead. Are we going to blame Obama for what lies ahead? I bet the Republicans do and hope that the American public forgets what Obama inherited.

And Wordkyle why do you and other Republicans use the ole "Terrorist card" of scare every time you are corned about the truth?


Anonymous said...

I disagree Wordkyle - Clinton was saved from impeachment because all during the impeachment hearings he maintained over a 60% approval rating from the American people.

THis is a Democracy, and he was a democratically elected president, and the people DID NOT CARE about his sexual misconduct. They WANTED HIM TO STAY ON THE JOB. It was right that Congress listened to that. If we had impeached every president who had sexual misconduct, we would have missed out on some great ones.

How many people don't have ANY skeletons in their closets? If you had the government spending millions of dollars to find out every thing you had ever done, do you think you would come out smelling like a rose? Few, if any, people would.

Foul-ups personally don't necessarily mean foul-ups in professional life, and it certainly didn't in Clinton's case. Maybe he's not a good husband (& who really knows BTW? - many marriages have survived and thrived after cheating. The success or lack of it in the Clinton's marriage is known by two people only & that's Bill & Hillary.) but MANY intelligent and informed people thought he was a success as a president.

wordkyle said...

605 - Let's take a look at your claim of the "worst economy in history."

Bill Clinton took office in 1993 in a relatively smooth situation. The economy had one thing going for it -- the internet boom. The "dot com" prosperity lasted throughout the 90s but the bubble burst sometime in 2000, just as Bush wins the Presidency. The average unemployment rate during Clinton's administration: 5.2%.

Bush takes office in January 2001 with the economy starting to sag. Eight months later the worst attacks on American soil in history hit the heart of the financial industry and government. The average unemployment rate during Bush's first seven years? 5.2% -- same as Clinton's.

You should probably provide data to support your hyperbolic claims.

I disapprove of the bailouts, and of Bush's stance on them (as well as his stance on government spending, immigration, global warming and his refusal to engage Democrats in battle.) The Democrat-controlled Congress also must take some of the blame for the bailouts.

I talk about the lack of terrorist attacks for the last seven years because that point is the most important success of Bush's administration. When we talk about what Obama has inherited, let's don't forget that little point.

wordkyle said...

1055 - You are partially correct. Clinton maintained a high approval rating on his job performance during the Lewinsky scandal and impeachment. That approval rating provided support for the partisan Democrats. Clinton's lack of moral integrity and honesty -- the point of my previous post -- was evident to Americans.

I maintain that Clinton, through none of his own policies, benefitted economically (and therefore politically) from the dot-com boom, and that his foreign policy created the conditions that led to 9/11. I also maintain that Clinton's popularity was created and supported by the media, the same as they have supported Obama.

Clinton was not under impeachment because of his sexual misconduct. He was being impeached because of perjury and obstruction of justice - a bit more than a "skeleton in his closet." Significantly, not a single Democrat Senator voted guilty. However, based on the same evidence, Clinton was found guilty of contempt of court, his law license was suspended, and he agreed to pay Paula Jones a settlement of nearly a million dollars.

Clinton crossed the line from "personal" to public or professional violations when he lied under oath and tried to deceive the justice system.

Anonymous said...

Wait just a minute, Dubya Kay, you are being deceptive and dealing in half truths when you said:

"Clinton was not under impeachment because of his sexual misconduct. He was being impeached because of perjury and obstruction of justice"

Those perjury and obstruction charges were in regard to Monica Lewinsky & mainly Paula Jones, and that subject is sexual misconduct, about which I COULD CARE LESS.

And if the economy was so great when Clinton was running the first time, how come his campaign slogan was, "It's the economy, stupid."???? It was the economy & that strategy worked.

I don't even know why I respond to you. You accuse people of the very same thing you do, but then you twist it.

You, and others, say that liberals get their opinions from the media. Well you know what? There are only 2 ways to get information -
1) eye witness the event or
2) Read or hear about it from other's accounts.

So unless you have been an eyewitness to the inner workings of our government, you get your opinions from reading about it (or seeing on TV) too.

You play with facts to support your biases, just as you did above. I suppose most of us do that, but you group liberals together as if they think one and only one way about all subjects. My whole family would label themselves as liberals but our viewpoints vary among each other.

Your opinions, based on what you read and hear on TV, COULD BE WRONG, just as any of ours could. The difference in you and me is that I am willling to admit that; you never appear to be anything but adament about your RIGHTNESS & others WRONGNESS. You are condescending.

WHat you cherry pick to discuss about Obama is just laughable. I'm not even going to waste my time on that. I've already wasted too much of it with this post. I just couldn't let your half-truths above go without comment this time.

annobama said...

Wordkyle I got this information from the local news. And I checked 4 stations just in case they were trying to fool you. So stay with me here buddy ....

Jobs lost for the month of November 533k people. That is Five Hundred Thirty Three THOUSAND people alone. For the year right now we have 10.3 million people unemployed. Do I have to spell that out too?

Please ... Please let me guess. Made up by the liberal press to make Bush look bad? Please tell that to the hungry children.

wordkyle said...

Fair enough. Simply point out where I have been factually inaccurate -- for example, the impeachment charges against Clinton were for perjury and obstruction of justice. These were actions he took AFTER his sexual misconduct.

Also, since you brought up the accusation, please tell me what I have "cherry picked" about Obama.

wordkyle said...

annobama - Look waaaaay back up the page to my post timestamped 1:24 PM. My comment was "up until the last year or so, the economy has been pretty good." The downturn in the economy for the last year will, rightly or wrongly, be attributed to Bush as well. There have been extensive debates here previously about who was responsible for the mortgage mess that introduced us to $700 billion bailouts, aka "the first domino." There seems to be blame enough to go around (although there's video evidence of Democrat culpability.)

Congratulations on double-checking your information. Have you done any of that for the last seven years? Have you done that with Obama?

Anonymous said...

This chick would probably be Playmate of the Year without even taking her clothes off...