Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Funny Cowboy observation on the Ticket this morning: With that big jacket on, Wade Phillips looked like Ralphie's little brother in A Christmas Story.
  • Tony Romo's wheels sure do fall off at important times.
  • You see DVDs advertised in BluRay format but I haven't seen a whole lot of BluRay DVD players advertised.
  • I'm not sure if either Rick Perry or Kay Bailey Hutchison are human.
  • I slept too much this weekend. Very odd for me.
  • For Obama to be a big smoker, he sure has kept that out of the public view.
  • Stolen from Dallas Observer columnist Richie Whitt: If you're living - I mean really livin' - you'll be able to rattle off the last time you did something for the first time.
  • Uh, oh. Frontal nudity from the locker room on live TV yesterday.
  • Had a huge beat down at the cleaners on Saturday. Fifteen minutes of explaining that, yes, I brought my shirts in on Thursday. After looking through their notebook where each order is entered by hand, they finally found it. Well, at least they found proof that I dropped them off. Still trying to find the most important aspect of the transaction: The shirts.
  • At 6:30 this morning, I heard that traffic was backed up on 114 from the airport all the way into Southlake. And there wasn't a wreck. Is that normal?
  • Someone put an Evil Empire sticker on my car.
  • I feel sorry for the Longhorn player that dropped the sure interception in the last seconds of the Tech game. Think that might haunt him all his life?
  • One more college football thought: With the exception of the national championship game, all the other bowls look awful this year. For example, Tech's opponent in the Cotton Bowl is Mississippi who has four loses.
  • I bet there were a bunch of motorcycles in Wise County yesterday for the annual Toy Run.
  • Yeah, OJ Simpson got away with murder but Friday's sentence for that silly crime was grossly disproportionate to his actions. The judge said she didn't consider the past murder case in assessing punishment. She lied.
  • The automaker bailout is getting closer with a proposed "Government Car Czar" placed in a supervisory provision, and a cap on executive salaries would be imposed. Yeah, capitalism. Incredible.
  • The Bucket List looked goofy when it first came out but now I want to see it.
  • Somebody wrote that Blockbuster in Decatur was slow to open on Sunday morning.