Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • In an hour, our office staff will arrive and go into a freefall panic when they realize our computer server, uh, went off last night and won't turn back on.
  • I'm not particularly pleased about that myself.
  • The Space Shuttle is in Fort Worth this morning on top of a 747. Would someone please tell me one thing we've learned in the last 10 years from that multi-billion dollar space program?
  • The Heisman trophy will be awarded this Saturday but Texas Tech's Graham Harrell has been told to stay home in Lubbock. Three finalists will make the trip. Sheesh, at least give the boy a trip to New York.
  • I like the phrase, "gave me the Heisman" as in "I tried to hit on that girl but she gave me the Heisman".
  • Finally. Loop 820 between Northeast Mall and I-35 will go from four lanes to ten lanes. That's about 15 years too late.
  • Had a fellow Wise County defense lawyer call me and tell me he had two cases (unrelated) involving the same officer where he claimed to have a consent to search -- a claim that both clients denied. There were even witnesses to back them up. He asked me if I had any similar cases involving the cop, and I discovered I had one. Later, I had another lawyer call me up and say, "Let me guess, is it [correct name redacted]?. I've got one, too." Trouble brewing.
  • Is it "poin-SET-ah" and "poin-SET-ee-ah"?
  • Had a Bridgeport teacher ask me when I was 19 where a fellow classmate had gone to college. I answered. She asked why. I said, "I think because it has a good football program." She rolled her eyes and said, "That's a good reason." You know, at the risk of sounding shallow, there are worst reasons. I'd love to have something to cheer about every fall for the rest of my life.
  • Wade Phillips' Voice = Power Down.
  • There's been more Congressional debate over a $15 billion loan to the automakers than there was the $800 billion blank check to the financial institutions.
  • And won't the airlines be lining up next for free money?
  • I hate the cell phone and never talk on it. I saw on my bill yesterday that I had over 6,000 roll over minutes (with about 500 expiring for a reason I really don't understand.) I guess that is a lot.
  • I'm no Neil Sperry, but turn off your sprinkler systems when it is freezing in the mornings.
  • Commenter observation: When MzChief and Wordkyle get worked up, they really get worked up. (And I swear I've never met either one of them.)
  • The domain www.GeorgeWBushLibrary.com was owned by the soon to be built library. At least until they let it expire. A group from South Carolina pounced on it for less than $10 and then sold it back to the library for . . . get this . . . $35,000.