Random Thoughts Live From A Seminar

  • The current speaker is a judge on the Fort Worth court of appeals. She has "shake voice."
  • The guy that welcomed me to the seminar greeted me like we were best friends. And then he fired off a, "What's that name again?"
  • Someone told me they like the way I use commas even if grammatically inaccurate. (Not seminar related.)
  • I'm at the Marriott across from the Texas Motor Speedway.
  • There is less traffic at 8:00 than there is at 6:30
  • I can't post a picture of a hot girl because everyone can see my screen. They would think there is something wrong with me.
  • When I turned on the TV this morning, an episode of The Andy Griffith Show was on. Gomer, and I'm not making this up, was protesting with a sign that read, "Down With The Gold Standard." Gave me political confused head.
  • The current speaker keeps saying "metha-amphetamine" instead of "methamphetmine". Drives me crazy. At least she is not saying methamphetamines.
  • There was a quiz before the first speaker about eight Supreme Court cases she was about to discuss. Afterwards she asked how many people correctly answered the quiz. No one raised their hand. I think that was more of a sign of, "If I raise my hand I'm going to appear arrogant." Finally, LeAnn Breading of Denton claimed she answered 7 of 8.
  • There's some lady up at the front table that is smoking hawt.
  • There is a guy speaking on jury selection right now who is very entertaining. But I remember him four years ago, at a different seminar, suddenly say, "Can I stop for a second? For all of you that work too hard and spend too much time at the office, think twice about it. Your family can fall apart on you when your not looking." As he teared up, he said, "I know."
  • Changing gears: I'm thinking about Jennifer Aniston on the cover of GQ this month.
  • I just thought about a DWI case I lost as a prosecutor when I was first starting out. A juror came up to me afterwards and asked, "How much did you believe in your case?" One of the best lessons I ever learned.
  • Getting commets that a good looking Paradise girl works here. I refuse to go look for her . . . uh . . . be back in a sec after I stroll around the property to stretch my legs.
  • Third speaker just says: "Every time a client sits down across from me, I expect a not guilty verdict." Time waste. Sometimes it's about making sure a guilty client doesn't get hurt in the system more than they should. He has 30 minutes to speak --- I don't believe another word he says.
  • The guy behind me just answered a question. I can't tell you how high pitched his voice was. It was like a cartoon character.
  • The fourth speaker just suggested what color of tie to wear for the second day of trial. I'm paying money for this?
  • More coming . . .