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From The Liberally Lean Email Bag

On my way to work this morning I saw the strangest looking cat on Business 287 at the 380 overpass. After I took a second glance at it I noticed it had something on its head. So, I turned around and parked near the cat and noticed that it’s head was stuck in a cat food can! Totally unaware of my presence, I captured a “Kodak Moment” and then went to the matter at hand…how to get the can off. Knowing that the can had to be on there tight, I knew that quick reactions were going to be needed. In one lightning fast move, I ripped the can off and that cat’s head popped out of there like a cap gun! All four legs went out in the air and when he landed, he looked up at me and shot out of there like a bullet. There is no telling how long he had been sitting there this cold morning but after he gets over his shock, he will probably be grateful for my efforts! (Thanks Bobby. And the cat presumably thanks you as well.)