Letter To The Editor In Messenger

Today I am going to join my good friend Ken Hughes. It is very difficult for me not to speak as a wiseacre (wise guy, smart alec). My many friends and critics will testify to that. First, I want to point out that turf does not refer to artificial grass. All grass is turf; artificial turf is artificial. That Decatur should install "artificial turf," also known as Astro Turf, is one of the more foolish ideas I have heard in some time. In the midst of what is called the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, this trial ballon has been run up, and I pray fervently that it will be shot down. To install Astro Turf would be the height of irresponsibility. Dan Mooney Jr. Decatur I had to stop reading after the second paragraph. All I could think about was Newman, from Seinfeld, talking to his girlfriend in a convertible when he says, "You see, certified mail is always registered, but registered mail is not necessarily certified."