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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Pet Peeve: Lots of weather forecasts on the radio this morning would casually say that "the high today will be 60". Uh, yeah. Last night at midnight.
  • Recession? What recession? Jarhead has imported a nanny.
  • I once knew a guy in Fort Worth that ran off with his nanny, leaving behind a smoking hot wife. I'm not sure what happened to her. Or him.
  • UT quarterback Colt McCoy is coming back for his senior season. Ugh. They'll be really good next year.
  • Joe Duty takes pictures of the Toy Run on Sunday in Wise County.
  • A fighter pilot lost control of his jet heading back to Miramar yesterday, ejects, and lets the jet crash into a neighborhood killing three people. Maverick would not have let that happen.
  • I paid $1.48 for gas yesterday. It's like someone is playing a joke on us.
  • I've started eating low fat hamburger patties (96/4) without the bun.
  • I'd take Danny White over Tony Romo.
  • My pee wee football coach may have been the best coach I ever had. I still remember how to block and defend a block because of him. But I'm pretty sure there's no practical application for it in my daily life.
  • I would completely change the way funerals are conducted in this country if I could.
  • I wonder what the attendance at my funeral would be. Man, that would be disappointing if it were a low turn out.
  • I had that dang can't-find-my-class school dream the other night. But I've also noticed I'm incorporating football practice into it. It's always the same scenario: Team is already on the practice field and I'm in the dressing room desperately trying to find all my equipment.
  • The new Rock of Love contestants here. I think I'd choose Beverly.
  • With the exception of one, I've never had any ex-girlfriend from my 20s try and contact me. Obviously, the have emotional issues.
  • The median income for you average God-fearing Texas household: $46,248. Median income for those uppity Southlake households: $172,945 (and I suspect that's with a lot of stay-at-home moms.)
  • I wonder how many dollar stores are in Southlake? I've got a pretty good idea.
  • A Wonderful Life is not played every night like everyone claims? NBC only shows it twice a year.
  • A bunch of Blackwater guards were indicted yesterday for what appears to be a slaughter in Iraq. Who would have thought it? A bunch of private security guards roaming around Iraq, armed like nobody's business, and being name "Blackwater." (I've seen a couple of books on those hooligans and now I'm even more motivated to by one.)
  • I remember as a kid going to the metroplex for dinner with the parents. I'd sit in the back, in the darkness, no iPod, no DVD player, no nothing. Drove me crazy.
  • Restaurant flashback: Vance Godbey's.


Anonymous said...

Barry, families are at the "mercy" of most funeral home directors as to how the service is conducted (at the home at least), unless folks take the time to get the thing planned up ahead.

Get er' done up early if you want certain things, and then demand your way.

Then prepare to shell out some big bucks.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I had you pegged for "Nasty Nikki"!

Anonymous said...

I still have that same dream every once in a while and it's been 31 years since I was in high school. I've either lost my class schedule, can't find my classroom or can't find my locker.

Anonymous said...

"Recession? What recession? Jarhead has imported a nanny."
Another dang furriner taking a job away from A-mur-icans! However, I agree with a commenter from his blog - let's see a pic of said nanny in French maid outfit!

"A fighter pilot lost control of his jet heading back to Miramar yesterday, ejects, and lets the jet crash into a neighborhood killing three people."
HSO Alert! *** Don't know if they are trained to avoid doing that, but they should. If necessary, they should go down with the jet, making sure to crash as far away from people as possible. The military are trained to protect the US (us); that should include training missions

"I'd sit in the back, in the darkness, no iPod, no DVD player, no nothing. Drove me crazy."
It didn't drive me crazy. I didn't know any different. Listen to radio (whatever dad picked - no kid vote), argue with siblings (til dad intervened with wrath-of-god-like fury), read billboards, look for out-of-state plates

"The new Rock of Love contestants here. I think I'd choose Beverly."
Yeah, she looks like the most normal one, so I concur. But that means she is probably the first to go. Most of the rest look really wacked-out slutty (big surprise!)

Anonymous said...

Well its good to know the USMC fighter pilot has forgotten what his flight pay is for. When you don't have a choice you fly'em til they hit the ground.

DB said...

8:46 -
You are an idiot. The 'they should train them to go down with the plane' comment is the equivalent of 'the cops should shoot them in the leg'.

There are way too many things going on in the cockpit of an airplane to second guess the pilot based on the info we have. If he has lost power that low and that close to the end of the runway there is likely no way for him to control it away from a house. Yes, he could have rode it in, but assuming he could magically make it fly away from a house is ludicrous.

Our pilots are good, but they are not able to eliminate gravity.

wordkyle said...

My family has already been instructed to conduct my funeral like this one, the memorial service for Monty Python's Graham Chapman. (Language warning.)

Regarding trips as a kid: in those days parents were not legally bound to protect their kids from boredom. We were stuck with tolerating it and/or using our imaginations. (P.S. - do any of you remember riding in the back window of a car when you were little?)

Anonymous said...

Rock of Love: I'll take Kelsey and the rest should be tested for STD's. As well, I wish the little Rocker-Dude would stop wearing the eye make-up, Fag!! Yea, I know he has a lot of money and a lot of hot chicks hanging all over him. The difference between me and him? I have a great wife and I'm not a "fag" who wears eye make-up and who will possibly have an STD in the next few months. Talk about a "Time -Waste".

Anonymous said...

Kelsey or Stephanie for me

Jarhead said...

"Maverick would not have let that happen."

He killed Goose though...

"I paid $1.48 for gas yesterday. It's like someone is playing a joke on us."

Gas is so cheap that after I fill up my car a pump a little on to the ground just to show those A-rabs who's boss.

"I'd take Danny White over Tony Romo."

What about Babe Laufenberg (sp?)

"I had that dang can't-find-my-class school dream the other night."

I had a dream about AnObiter the other night... ;) Odd because I've never even met her.

"I've never had any ex-girlfriend from my 20s try and contact me."

All my old girlfriends hate me. Go figure.

"A bunch of Blackwater guards were indicted yesterday for what appears to be a slaughter in Iraq."

It would be kind of cool to have a job like that. Of course killing innocent people would not be so cool.

"Vance Godbey's"

You're old.

Anonymous said...

9:04 I told you it was an HSO! (acronym for a controversial opinion)
I don't know the specifics of this particular crash. I'm saying the pilots should be taught to avoid flying the jet into areas where there are known to be people. If that was not possible in this case, then I don't have a problem with it. What I'm saying is that given the choice between punching out and letting it go, or making sure nobody else gets killed, the pilot should protect other innocent civilians. I'm not suggesting that the pilot did anything wrong.
The name-calling seemed uncalled for, or am I not allowed to express that opinion, either?

Anonymous said...

Forget the bars, if you want to see hot women simply go to the Southlake Starbucks.


Anonymous said...

Start using ground turkey instead of beef for your burger patty's.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Vance Godbey's still open???

Anonymous said...

Went to Vance Godbeys on Sunday.

Better than ever.

Anonymous said...

Riding in the back seat without any of the afore mentioned items...and hearing Dad say, "I better not have to stop this car"

I can attest to the visual benefits of the Starbucks in Southlake

onmyway311 said...

I always have re-occuring school dreams. They tend to involve my entire class having to re-take Senior year but at the age we currently are. Total craziness.

Anonymous said...

HEY 8:46/9:51
The approach at Miramar goes over that were built AFTER the base was built.
Pilots don't "LET" planes crash. The engine failed during approach. AAA was not available at the time so a jump start was out.....I'm sure the pilot regrets the loss of life on the ground. Something he will regret the rest of his life.......

Anonymous said...

Barry, your funeral would be full of crying women and maybe a smirking prosecutor or two. People would be there for different reasons as in other funerals. Since your parents are Baptist, you would mostly likely get a Baptist funeral.

Anonymous said...

I'm with 11:53.

Fighter jets have the glide ratio(look it up) of a brick if the engines are out. If the hydrolics were out, same thing, zero control.

Until the cause is found, passing judgement on the pilot is premature.

Double Fake Orville & Wilbur Wright

Anonymous said...

I have the dream that I have forgoten where everything is in the school.

All of my ex bfs still loved me after we broke up. Dont know how they feel now havent talked to any of them in years.

I have a DVD player in my van however I dont let my kids watch it unless we are going ot be in the van to watch a whole movie. My older kids have MP3/Ipods but they dont bring them everywhere. (I must be mean) They pick at each other alot but mostly we all play games.

When we went on long trips we would moon people. I once mooned a cop. He didnt even stop us. I never road in the back window but I have in the trunk. (I wanted to)

Vance Godbey's is still around. I think it does more catering and private gatherings.

Anonymous said...

I saw a hot babe last week at Vance Godbey's, they had to remove her teeth when she got choked on some smashed tators. Good times!!

Double Fake: George Burns

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you aren't reporting on the Gov. of IL selling the open Senate seat like he was at a barker at the Wise County Youth Fair.

Anonymous said...

Those Blackwater employees are mercenaries. They put in a few years as Army or Marine grunts making $30,000 then get out and go back to Iraq for Blackwater at about $200,000. Most of our real soldiers have rules and integrity. These guys are just hired goons without any meaningful control. And we pay for them.

Anonymous said...

Word, remember well laying on the sundeck of some very old cars. Never felt unsafe. Sometimes there were 2 or 3 at one time under the back glass. Guess if there had been a collision, we would have been windshield splatter......

Anonymous said...

They should have thought about that before they became Iraqis.