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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

- I always wonder about the morale at DPS. The fact that one trooper just won $900,000 in a discrimination suit by a trooper can't help.
- Speaking of discrimination, Avery Johnson and Ron Washington won't have a claim once they are let go.
- If an agency or company is ever involved in a scandal, all they need to say is, "We will conduct a complete and thorough investigation and, thereafter, will take the appropriate action."
- Moving those kids from the polygamist compound to foster care is simply awful. Why we just sit back and accept governmental abuse of power is beyond me. (And the best summary of the situation is here. Simply shocking.) Heck, go look at the check out line in Walmart and you'll see kids in worse situations than those kids being forced from their moms.
- Twenty years from now we will think about how close the Mavericks were to a championship in 2006.
- The Messenger publisher will have a quick letter hand delivered to me every now and then. It's always positive. Always cool.
- I used a $30 electric hedge trimmer from Home Depot for the first time yesterday. Worked like a charm. I had to contain myself from making a shrub sculpture of an elephant.
- Regarding the weather over the next four days, I don't think the weather guys have a clue.
- Me loves me some Erin Andrews.
- George Lopez is 47 today. I watched his show once and am pretty sure it was written by a fifth grader (but not those smart fifth graders on that game show.)
- Bear carnage. Just saw that a huge bear that was in Will Ferrell's movie last movie has killed its trainer.
- The cliche, "at the end of the day" drives me nuts.
- Edit: Greatest one page lawsuit against Mark Cuban ever (here - one page pdf). And I love how the author copyrights his name: Jonathan Lee Riches©