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Ticket personality Craig Miller said he saw Jenna Bush and a bunch of girls eating dinner last night at Terrilli's on Greenville Avenue. Since I've eaten a Terrilli's (on a wheels off first date about 10 years ago) and since Terrilli's kinda sounds like Decatur's "Frilly's", I'm wedging the story in here.

Still hot.


Anonymous said...

Bless her heart. I like her, but I wish she'd talk some sense to that idiot father of hers.

Anonymous said...

We want front cover Matt Damon

NOT the Bushes

Anonymous said...

Hey 4:36, can you please pick a Texan for the cover? You must be one of those transplant Texans?

Anonymous said...

Plus, a story in the Starle-gram today said she rode coach on a flight. Guess all the Secret Service agents took up the seats in first class. She's alright, just like her mom. Oh, and she's hot, too!