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Get Your Drink On

Dallas County Judge Bruce Priddy was arrested on "suspicion" of DWI early this morning after leaving a bar at 2:45 a.m. (Side note: No one can ever legally be arrested for "suspicion" of anything. It's supposed to require "probable" cause. But I digress.)

Memo to Judge: I don't care if you're stone cold sober. Hanging out at a bar at 2:45 on a Wednesday morning is not conducive to "good judging" in court that day.

But this should make the right wing happy: He was the first judge to impose an injunction against the city of Farmer's Branch for their anti-Hispanic . . . uh . . . anti-immigration . . . uh . . . how do they say it? . . . oh, yeah . . . anti-illegal-immigration ordinances.