Crime Blotter

It might be odd that the Messenger found out about this. They certainly should be able to find out if someone is arrested or indicted. And if an obvious crime is committed (like a murder by firearm), it stands to reason that a story like this would be printed. I guess if the cops had gone to this house and summoned medical help for the child, it would be public knowledge. But if the parents took the kid to the hospital and the medical staff called law enforcement, that's something the paper normally wouldn't be aware of. And Jana wouldn't leak the story - that's not her style. So I'll just speculate.

Edit: I apologize for the number of "rejected" posts on this one. And although most seem to have a lot of inside information, I try not to repeat "assertions of fact" against a person unless it can be verified. But I admit that the freakin' county new about this incident before I did.

Edit #2: The Morning News has a blurb about the death, but not much information.

And note to Messenger photographer Joe Duty: Rebecca Simpson will be up at the courthouse at 1:00 to take a plea deal on an old misdemeanor case. Edit: Make that 11:00 a.m. (Sorry, Joe.)