Richard "Racehorse" Haynes

I was surprised to learn that this famous criminal defense lawyer from Texas is back in action at age 80. For you youngsters, he represented Fort Worth millionaire Cullen Davis in a murder case and a murder for hire case. He won both.

He is defending a 40 something year old woman named Phill Rian (hey, that name sounds phonetically familiar!!) for having sex with a teenage boy. The bad news for him is that the case is being tried in Williamson County (Georgetown) - the easiest place to prosecute in the State of Texas. (They have the most arrogant DA ever - John Bradley.)

But back to Racehorse. He was once asked by a reporter if he was the best criminal defense lawyer in Texas. He barely paused before replying, “I believe I am.” Then, he immodestly added, “I wonder why you restrict it to Texas.”