My Crazy Dream Last Night

For some reason I joined the army and went through a boot camp that was "laid back" (a reference to new Cowboys coach Wade Phillips' style?) Anyway, the drills included throwing golf balls at an abandoned two story shopping center. (Insane, huh?) But the craziest bit was when I found that someone had taken a picture of me and other recruits standing in a line stark naked awaiting to get our physicals. Oddly, I was the only one who had a digital copy of the photo. So I camaraderie commandeered a computer and loaded the pic onto it, emailed it to a buddy who also appeared in the picture (I figured he'd laugh), and then deleted the pic. I walked by that work station about 20 minutes later only to see the secretary who was responsible for the computer staring at the screen and then back at me, alternatively, with disgust. It then dawned on me that a copy of the email had gone to her "sent mail" file. Sheesh. I apologized and asked her to delete it. About thirty minutes later I went back to her computer to discover that she was gone. I looked at the screen and read "Your funny photo has been uploaded to break.com" (meaning that my neekid body had been uploaded to a funny web site.) Can I puuuuhhhllleeeze dream I'm on a beach somewhere?