A Noted Passing

I noticed Bob Goode of Bridgeport was in the Messenger's obituary section this morning.

That struck a nerve with me because I recalled my dad telling me when I was kid that Bob had been a famous football player. Internet research on the "old days' is a little tough, but I found out that he played for A&M (where he still holds the record for most punts in a single game: 17 times in 1945) and the Washington Redskins (official playing card above.)

And I could have sworn he held the record for the longest punt in Southwest Conference history, but I can't verify it.

Edit: Found it but it was for punt return. Wow. (But, oddly, the longest punt in A&M history is listed as belonging to a Bob "Goff" in 1944. The Aggies couldn't have made a mistake on their web site, could they?)