Random Thoughts

- I paid over $50 for a tank of gas on Monday. The first time ever.
- I've never seen a case in the last 15 years where the allegation was "the defendant sold drugs to kids."
- Whenever the police seize some drugs, I'm always skeptical when I hear the "street value was over $[insert ridiculous amount]"
- Potential Republican candidate Fred Thompson is extremely overrated - but is probably the only one who understands politics in this new age.
- President Bush will go down as the worst president in our lifetime. Moderates and liberals see him as a simpleton. Hard line conservatives shake their heads on the issues of immigration and the expanding federal budget. That leaves very few people left that respect him.
- I think dining at a restaurant is the biggest waste of money on the planet.
- I had a credit card when I was 18 years old. My dad told me not to be stupid. Not once did I get in over my head as a kid.
- Standing in front of a jury is both exhausting, painful, and exhilarating.
- Spanish will be the dominate language in Texas fifty years from now.
- I really haven't been married seven times.
- For the life of me, I cannot understand anyone who eats a meal by themselves without having something to read.
- I don't know anyone who reads editorial columns in major daily newspapers.
- I'd rather be a writer in seclusion than a lawyer.
- I think a lot of people miss the old "Skattershooting."