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This guy, Brian Cantrell, was killed in what is believed to be a road rage incident in Fort Worth last August. I'm constantly reminded of it because there is a huge picture hanging on a tree where his vehicle came to rest. It's kind of a make-shift memorial that goes on and on, and I drive by it whenever I go to a driver's license hearing. (It's located on the south side of I-30 off of the Bryant-Irvin exit.)

I stumbled across his still alive myspace page a second ago. Although he could have picked a better name, it's pretty touching to look at.


comment4U said...

Wow....what a lovely looking young guy...he seemed to really love that little girl...sad.

Collectionsite said...

What a SAD story. Road Rage is such a tragic thing.

April Whisenant said...

Brian's grandmother is one of my good friends. There is actually more to the story, they think. He was following a friend home and there is a possibility he was set up by his friend. The family has hired a private detective and set up a fund to continue the investigation. As he says on his myspace page, he truly was getting his life together and was a really sweet guy.

Brooke said...

Brian died 9 months ago today- I was thinking about him, which is really nothing new, but decided to look through stuff about him on the internet. I was so surprised to run across this- someone that didn't even know him. But it was nice in a way to see for a change something that wasn't a newspaper article about his murder or a news story. I was Brian's girlfriend. He was a GREAT guy, the best kind. He had the sweetest heart and the greatest smile you could ever even imagine- you could see it in his eyes, they were always so alive and happy. :-) He was so full of energy, the kind of person that bounced when he walked, it took a lot to get him down, in fact almost every memory I have with him he was laughing. To say he is missed is an understatement- the man who took his life did the world a huge disservice- and though I know it may never happen I hope that man someday truly understands what he's done. For those of us left- his brother and sister, his daughters, his parents and grandparents, cousins, all of his friends who still can't go a day without saying his name, looking at a picture, visiting his myspace- that makeshift memorial is all we have left- there isn't a graveside to go visit, no phone we can call him on (and if you knew him and his 3 cell phones you'd know this is tough). If that little spot on Bryant Irvin shows even a few people the kind of guy he was, the kind that's loved so much and missed, if it makes an impact on even one person and lets them catch even a glimpse of the guy he was... everyone should have had the chance to know him.