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Now That's A Very, Very Bad Day

A sexual assault suspect was in critical condition Wednesday after he allegedly followed his victim to a Denton hospital, opened fire at a police officer, engaged four law enforcement agencies in a chase and took a hostage before attempting suicide at a Gainesville [IHOP] restaurant. And the guy even screwed up the suicide. He's still hanging on. Story.


Anonymous said...

Here's the part that gets me:

"Guyden was transported by emergency helicopter to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, where he remained Wednesday under police guard."

Now do you think he is going to pay for all this medical care he is getting? And if he does make it then us taxpayers get to pay for a trial and then to house him in prison etc; etc.

They should have helped him with the suicide!!!

Anonymous said...

(a bad day) is when you have to take dump,in the toliet in the post above.