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Let Me Sound Like A Republican

I think this so-called "scandal" over the firing of a handful of U.S. Attorney's by Bush is silly.

U.S. Attorneys are the equivalent of District Attorneys but, instead, they are in the federal system. And there is one huge difference: U.S. Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President. He can fire them for whatever reason he wants.

And whenever a new President from a party other than the incumbent is elected, he fires all of the sitting U.S. Attorneys.

(But Alberto Gonzales is ill-qualified for the position of Attorney General.)


Anonymous said...

But that shaking Janet Reno was? I guess hillbilly willie needed to surround himself with ugly women(Reno, Halfbright and Mrs. Bill) so that Lewinsky would look good while he stared at the top of her head.

Anonymous said...

There might be hope for you yet Barry

Anonymous said...

March 24, 1993 Janet Reno demanded the prompt firing of all US attorneys.

Anonymous said...

Barry, you know better! For whatever reason he wants? It is never ok to:

Mis-use Patriot Act for political purposes.

Fire prosecutors who won't hurry an investigation to aid campaign of party in power.

Fire prosecutors who were too succesful in prosecuting congressmen of party in power.

Remember these were appointed by Bush in his first term.

Remember also how during the campaign, Bush was going to retore integrity to White House and sweep the Clinton stench out? This is integrity?

Politics by any other name is.....still politics.

Anonymous said...

Barry, you are wrong. "for whatever reason?"

It is never ok to misuse the Patriot Act for political purposes.

It is never ok to fire prosecutors who wont hurry an investigation to aid campaign of party in power.

It is never ok to fire prosecutors who are too successful in convicting congressmen of party in power.

It is never ok to lie to congress

And it is even less ok from the man who was going to bring integrity to the White House by sweeping out the Clinton stench.

I am a republican, and I am embarassed.

Anonymous said...

For the record...Slick Willie fired all but 1.

We older folks have seen this all before. Its been going on for decades.

The Golden Rule of Politics is....he that is in power, makes he rules.

Shane Rollins said...

Yes, 1993 would have been the first year of Bill Clinton's tenure and the firing of ALL attorneys is more or less tradition. The problem lies in the firing of those you deem not loyal to the administration or attacking your party. Last time I checked attorneys should be loyal to JUSTICE not politics.

Anonymous said...

These were republican appointees, not leftover from Clinton.

They were fired because they weren't helping the "party"

Somewhere in there, they were appointed to "do justice" not seek revenge.

An independent judicial system is basic to our freedoms. Once again, the most serious of all of this is the mis use of the Patriot Act!

goober said...

OK Barry; time to put up or shut up. I agree with you, I also think Gonzales is ill qualified. But MY opinion is based on HOW he became AG. YOUR opinion is (I HOPE) based on some point of law or legal history. PLEASE elaboorate! (And stop issuing these "legal opinions" if you are not going to "educate" us in the law/legal system)

Anonymous said...

Barry, you're a racist. You only criticize Alberto because he is of Mexican descent. Trying to keep the brown man down. Misma mierda. Todos somos Americanos.