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You Can Now Easily Change Directions

Even thought the Update mentioned it first, I saw this morning that the turn lanes at 730 and 287 are now open after months of government ineptness. No more barricades. Freedom is ours!

So everyone go do a U-Turn in celebration of a project that took nine months instead of nine weeks to complete.


Anonymous said...

If anyone needs a plumber, call Echo Plumbing!

Anonymous said...

Is that sign level?

Anonymous said...

Beyond those beautiful cars is a subdivision where people thought Decatur would not grow. The people there probably attend the church on the end of Garland Street at Preskitt. Nobody complained in 1994 about the crowded traffic conditions or population on Sunday mornings (NOT ONE SOLE, WE STILL BELIEVE IN WHAT MIGHT BE GOOD FOR DECATUR IN THE NEIGBORHOOD.)
Just think Brookhollow?? when your antique sewer station pump has problems from now on, U DON'T CALL 911, that's not for your sewer calls anymore. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL, GIT URE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank U Barry, we have been holding this one back since tissue sells at the 730 & 287 Deli Mart Texaco went down two months ago....THEY ARE BACK UP AND MAKING MONEY.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if other divisions of TxDOT are so inept but ours is pathetic. They don't seem to have the first clue about project management and scheduling. Is Bill Nelson an idiot or are all he works with idiots?

mzchief said...
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Anonymous said...

I looked and there was not a comment from 6:25.
Forehead lady lives in BROOKHOLLOW, she can't update the time on her computer because the pool guys were busy or she was getting nails on this day.
TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC is coming your way!!
7:25 has u a red stop sign and flag for College Street, languages are not important for this job.

Anonymous said...

11:08 - As far as I know, mzchief exists in RAB. I also don't know to whom she directed her latest purportedly superior comment.

Anonymous said...

She has no superior comment.