The Campaign For DA



I saw 300 on an IMAX screen yesterday. First, an IMAX thought: In an IMAX theater, the screen is huge and slightly curved. The seating is steeper than what you're used to and you are very close to the screen. And the sound system is incredible. It's much different than a regular theater but not what I was expecting: I thought it would be like the IMAX at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History which, I learned, is called an IMAX dome. That, it ain't.

"300" is completely different than anything I've seen before. It's basically 90% computer graphics and, man, those graphics are great. The slow motion fight scenes are mesmerizing.

The movie was great. Part Sin City, part Gladiator, part Braveheart. But be prepared: It is the bloodiest mess you've ever seen. And, for the ladies, the warriors pretty much run around in their underwear, all sport abdominal "six packs", and are badasses.