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Stolen from another blog: A [reader] sends this link to a live video feed from Nkorho pan (water hole) in Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve in South Africa. Warning: it is addicting. Right now you can hear turtle doves and monkeys getting ready to settle in for the night. Awe. Some. Oh, a cape buffalo just stopped in for a drink! It is dark there now but you can still see pretty well. I saw an elephant walk up. But the most amazing thing may be the sound. It's like you're in the jungle (although I really don't know what that sounds like.)


Gator said...

Addicting and actually kinda soothing, too! Nice.

mzchief said...

I do NOT want to meet the bugs that make THAT racket.

Anonymous said...

WOW! My boss was there Summer 2006! Fabulous trip. He and his son killed several large animals. Still waiting for them to be sent from the taxidermy over there. Said would take up to a year to get them here.

I wouldn't have pictured you as a hunter, Barry. You should go! Expect to spend some money, though. Close to $50,000.00 in all. Well, that's for 2.

Anonymous said...

very cool to listen to the cradle of the earth. Except if you agree with the south park cats you might not want to go anywhere near that cradle.

Anonymous said...

2:14PM - how presumptuous you are, that you would assume Barry would even consider killing an animal. Geezzz....what place do you work that your boss is so un-PC they would pay $50K (if even for two) to kill something? You must be some kind of bean counter at an oil company is all I can figure, since you know all the details. I'd say, go get another job. Jobs based on fossil fuels won't be lasting too much longer, if Mother Nature has anything to do with it, that is. Whatever you do, regardless, your boss appears pathetic to me.

Gorilla said...

They ought to put one of those out there on the LBJ grasslands north of Decatur. Then we could all enjoy live images via the internet of car sex, pasture parties, off-roading and automatic weaponry.

Anonymous said...

All I saw was rednecks licking oreo cookies. What am I missing? Patience, apparently.

Anonymous said...

5:50 you are so liberal my make me sick. I suppose you are a salad shooter as well. I hope you do not drive a car or write on paper or God forbid live in the same space as an animal did some 100 years ago.

Shut the f*** up and sit back and enjoy your slow trip to hell.

Anonymous said...

They should but a Wise County Cam at the courthouse so we could watch all the hyenas come to feed.

mzchief said...
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mzchief said...

To anonyNOTHING 5:50...
Obviously, YOU are used to blowing smoke out your arse and will NEVER receive a call from NASA! Here are a FEW facts to help you in the FUTURE to keep from looking like SUCH a cretin.

In light of the FACT the WORLD has used ONLY 18% of its conventional production there is approximately 140 years (for MOST people that is a LONG time) of oil at current production with CURRENT reserves.

People who are ahhhh...uuuhhhh...IGNORANT of the reality of the FACTS known to KNOWLEDGABLE people within the oil and gas industry are EASILY fooled by the scare tactics utilized by the CRRRAAAZZY liberal fear mongers who are able to maintain control of the more IGNORANT members of the general population with their bogus claims that are at best based in pseudo science..

No doubt this LINK will strain YOUR brain and is WELL beyond your limits of comprehension but give it a try.

You are NOT alone in your opinion that I am an annoying, arrogant. know-it-all &itch.

Let me go ahead and apologize to YOU for being sooooo harsh. However, I REALLY am exasperated by self-righteous STUPID people. I know, I know it is NOT an excuse but it certainly is my REASON for the tone I have taken with YOU.

Anonymous said...

Though I do take exception to the disparaging remarks 5:50 made about jobs based on fossil fuels, I actually agree with them regarding hunting. I'll never understand the thrill some people get from killing something. Especially those that think it's fun to go "hunting" for tame animals on fenced land.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you drink bottled water, mzcreep. Here's an interesting story from this week's Fort Worth Weekly. Possibly 2:14PM's boss used his big oil royalty checks to go kill innocent animals in Africa. Disgusting.

Save Our Wealth

Forget the gas. Worry about water — and war.


Honey bees are disappearing. Nobody knows why. Perhaps another casualty of pollution and global warming.

You would think the recent announcement by the world’s leading scientists that global warming is well-nigh irreversible might inspire us at long last to put away the outmoded and childish artifacts of war and join hands with our brothers and sisters around the globe to try to halt what is happening to our beleaguered planet. But it doesn’t appear to be in the cards.

Instead of facts, it seems everyone is now operating on their “best guess,” from President Bush clear down to the mayor of “Bedford Falls.”

In my own Fort Worth, the mayor, the city council, and my neighbors are all abuzz over the money the gas tycoons are handing out to drill under their homes. For some reason, I’m reminded of the movie Giant — when James Dean, after his well comes in, shows up at the house of his oil-rich employer, played by Rock Hudson. Dean stands there grinning, drenched in black gumbo, and says, “I’m rich, Bick. I’m a rich’un. I’m a rich boy.” And he becomes a different person after that.

My neighbors won’t get rich, but somebody will. But what they’re not talking about is water. Here are some facts, near as I can ascertain them:

We’re in the midst of a drought, a trend that is apt to continue due to global warming.

It takes roughly four million gallons of water to “frac” one well one time.

The average well is fracced 17 times.

There are about 90 gas wells around the city of Fort Worth, with at least 70 more to come. As of 2005, there were 4,900 gas wells in the Barnett Shale.

So, we’re talking about billions of gallons of water down the bore hole. Did I mention we’re in a drought?

The drilling process ruins all that water, by the way. The ruined water is then put into injection wells, where, eventually, it could mingle with our groundwater. A short list of toxic chemicals includes: fumaric acid, ethylene glycol (antifreeze), methanol, toluene, and benzene. Very small amounts of benzene (a carcinogen) can contaminate millions of gallons of water.

By the way, did you know that four million gallons is enough to sustain a family of four for 27 years? Did you know it will slake the thirst of 220 dairy cows for a year?

I didn’t know these things. I found them out in Weatherford, where the townsfolk have been packing commissioners court meetings over the issue of gas drilling. And they’re angry. Who are they? Farmers, ranchers, real estate brokers, shopkeepers, retirees. Republicans and Democrats. Water-well drillers. They’re not looking for a payoff from the gas industry. They’re looking to save their most precious commodity — their water.

One Weatherford farmer jokingly wondered if those city people (in Fort Worth) actually knew where the water was coming from when they turn on their taps. The Tarrant Regional Water District is currently selling water to 62 gas drillers. A representative of TRWD told me the drillers are entitled to as much water as they can pay for. “We treat ’em just like any other customer,” he said.

I guess that means the gas boys could drain the blasted lake, if they wanted to — and damn the rest of us. Meanwhile, the water district is suing to get their hands on several million gallons per year of Oklahoma’s water — I suppose so they can turn around and sell it to the drillers.

Something else I didn’t know, though lots of other folks did: Out in the Texas Panhandle, T. Boone Pickens and other millionaires are buying up thousands of acres of land. The “rule of capture” will allow them to drain all the water from the aquifers under that land, water needed by farmers and ranchers, and sell it off to thirsty cities at colossal profits.

It doesn’t take a college degree to figure out what will happen to the price of water once it’s privatized. But wouldn’t it be ironic if the “windfall” Fort Worthers are getting now for their mineral rights ended up in the pockets of people like Pickens?

Here’s another figure: $192 million dollars a day. The cost of the Iraq War. Lost money. Like the water. Money we could use to adopt alternative forms of energy, like solar and wind, to heat and cool our homes and cook our food.

We could be doing this right now. Starting right here in our own Fort Worth. We could be leading the country, and thereby the world, toward saving it, instead of destroying our environment and throwing away our water, just so the guys in suits can wink and grin and say, “I’m a rich’un.”

Grayson Harper is a Fort Worth writer and artist.

So, you idiots keep cashing those big oil checks, driving your big gas guzzling SUV's and killing endangered animals.

Anonymous said...

5:50...Kill animal...survive! Kill plant...survive! Don't kill plant and animal...don't eat...don't survive! A message from our ancestors!!!!

Someone else kills animal...go to grocery store and buy animal...survive! Someone else kills plant...go to grocery store and buy plant...survive! Somebody still has to kill the animal or plant for you to eat, so do us all a favor, be true to you belief system and quit eating!

Why does it make it different if you kill what you eat or someone else does? Also, when did it become un PC to eat?

I like it how you try and seperate yourself from people that hunt, by assuming that those who do hunt get some sort of special enjoyment out of their kill. I suppose you use the little device to convince yourself that you are somehow more sophisticated than someone who hunts! Let me tell you this, given a survival situation where you had to kill to eat, you would enjoy the kill, and there is nothing tribal or neandrethal about is inherent in all creatures to want to survive!

mzchief said...

To anonyNOTHING 8:58...
ACTUALLY, I have this waaayyyy cool NO WASTE waaaayyyy pricier than the regular waste as much as you make reverse osmosis gizmo for the drinking water and ice makers in my home. I am FAR too intelligent and frugal with my money and water to purchase bottled water. As far as my wasting water in my landscape, I do not so much as have a SINGLE blade of grass to irrigate. EVERY ornamental plant, shrub or tree planted by ME is drought tolerant and on a drip irrigation system. My trees have bubblers. I have NO spray irrigation in my landscape. My summer water consumption has NEVER exceeded 10,000 gallons which is 5,000 gallons more than my winter usage. Just to let YOU know, I am MORE than casually aware of the fact that the western portion of North Central Texas is classified as "semiarid."

It just so happens that I have been a Texas Master Gardener for MORE than TEN YEARS and have ALWAYS thought people who cultivate turf in north central Texas are CRETINS. Incidentally, successfully gardening in Texas has been on of the most difficult things I have EVER attempted.

As for my fuel consumption, I just gave up my Beast for a flex fuel vehicle that is advertised to get 27mpg. Of course I am related to a diesel 3/4 ton pickup owner who actually NEEDS a truck for business purposes. However, the BRIGHTEST light of my life drives a hybrid vehicle.

I HONESTLY do appreciate YOUR concern for the Southwestern United State's water shortfall. ALL of the counties surrounding Dallas county are SCREWED when it comes to water usage. The booming population of the Dallas area has OUTGROWN the available local water reserves and there will CONTINUE to be outdoor water use rationing in that area.
To little to late, in MY opinion.

Congrats to you on a GREAT comment even though your initial ASSUMPTION was STUPID.

mzchief said...

Typo repair kit..
To = Too
to = too
I know I REALLY should proof read PRIOR to posting.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh Mzcreant..."In light of the FACT the WORLD has used ONLY 18% of its conventional production there is approximately 140 years (for MOST people that is a LONG time) of oil at current production with CURRENT reserves. .....we all know how rich you are, that your dh died in a foreign country, how tall your father is, how short your mother is, how your yard looks, but we never thought we'd know that you didn't care about the future. 140 years ain't so long, hon. Shiate, I'll bet you live to be at least 200. That's what witches do. I'll bet witches don't have to drink water either.

Anonymous said...

7:28PM here - "All I saw was rednecks licking oreo cookies. What am I missing? Patience, apparently."

Well, I exercised some patience, and saw that it was not rednecks licking oreo cookies, but actually rednecks licking orea cookies while watching NASCAR on TV.......I'm sure it was filmed somewhere in Wise County.

I'm lmao.......but, then I got to see the's cool....I added it to my list of daily website visits.

Maybe sometime soon, I'll see some animal revolt, and kill some hunter.

Anonymous said...

I had this site on in the background for an hour and I never saw a single animal. I think they must be picking up my scent. So now I've sprinkled some gazelle urine on my keyboard. Let's see what happens. . .