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Hornbuckle Trial

I'm fairly interested in the criminal sexual assault trial of pastor Terry Hornbuckle going on in Tarrant County. He's hip, black, and a good dresser, but I digress. Earlier this week I saw a clip of one of the accuser's civil attorney, one "G. Lee Finley" - an attorney that was so concerned with justice that he sent a demand letter for $2 million before the alleged assault was ever reported to the police. I immediately perked up when I heard his voice on the news a couple of nights ago because he seemed to be the kind of guy that had been rejected for a part in a high school play called "Fake Righteous Indignation." (Please watch his five second rant here). As to be expected, Hornbuckle's defense attorney's had a field day today questioning the alleged victim as to why she wanted money instead of going to the police. And I don't know if G. Lee Finley was being referred to tonight when Fox 4 News' Lari Barager reported: "[The alleged victim's] civil attorney had been sitting in and watching the proceedings but he got himself booted today after he had an emotional outburst that was directed at Terry Hornbuckle. He's been told not to come back for the remainder of the trial."