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Update on Arrest Of Bruce Isaack's Son

Update from last night's Blog about Denton DA Bruce Isaack's son being arrested for allegedly discharging a firearm in the city of Carrollton. Fox 4 News' Lari Barager reported tonight (so take this with a grain of salt) that: The arrest of the kid was on Monday, his bond is only $500, but he is still sitting in jail. Mom and dad might be a bit mad.


Anonymous said...

The substitute prosecutor who was to deal with the first incident is finally getting off his dead a$$ and considering the charge. Gee, I wonder if the kid's dad had any bearing on this delay. Now the unelected DA is leaving Jr. in jail. May be about time he shaped this kid up.

Anonymous said...

The four term DA lost his bid for re-election amidst accusations that justice in Denton County is for sale. Many reasons come to mind that would give merit to those who claim Mr. Isaacks’ office gave special treatment to defendants who had given campaign contributors as well as criminals who agreed to forfeit assets to a special task force. Maybe the young Isaacks should call the local business and bail bondsman who received favorable disposition after giving Mr. Isaacks’ campaign $1,000 two days after he was charged in 2001 with a DWI and domestic assault. To bad this kid isn’t utilizing his dad’s “get out of jail free pass” once used by our former Sheriff Lucas after his DUI arrest – I am (ashamed to admit) a Denton County resident who hates to see the buck stops here with Mr. Isaacks.