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As Baseball Season Looms

A Dallas Morning News reporter is working on the top ten finishes of all time in college football. His work in progress: 1. Stanford vs. Cal, 1982 (The Elway rally followed by the Band play) 2. Texas vs. USC, 2006 (Vince Young carries the Longhorns in the final minutes) 3. Notre Dame vs. USC, 2005 (Bush pushes Leinart across the goal line for the winning touchdown) 4. Ohio State vs. Miami, 2003 (Double-overtime and a late flag for the National Championship)5 . Boston College vs. Miami, 1984 (Flutie to Phelan wins shootout) 6. Nebraska vs. Miami, 1984 (Tom Osborne goes for two) 7. Colorado vs. Michigan, 1994 (Kordell Stewart to Michael Westbrook) 8. UNLV vs. Baylor, 1999 (100 yard fumble return as time expires) 9. SMU vs. Texas Tech, 1982 (miracle kickoff return beats Tech) 10. Holy Cross vs. Princeton, 1988 (HC laterals on final kickoff and finds end zone) I'm familiar with every one of them but the last one. And, boy, am I familiar with #8.