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New Food

A high ranking police investigator told me today that Quizno's had opened in Decatur in the convenience store that also houses Burger King (at 287/51). Me loves me some Quizno's. Me also miss the old weird Quizno's commercial.


Anonymous said...

I hope the food's good. Their sandwiches look really good on TV. Then again, so do Subway's; you get to the store and the teenager behind the counter's like, "What do you want on it?"; and I'm like, "I want the one that they show on TV"; and they're like, "What do you want on it?"
Then, I scream inside and think, "You idiot!!". Aaaah, the leaders of tomorrow.

Gee, I miss Schlotzke's sometimes!!

buttercup00 said...

I'm hungry......thanks bsg....I'm not sure I can wait till lunch time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Barry, I love those commercials as well... I wish they would come back!