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Note To Self: This Is Not A Normal Date

Snippets from a Star Telegram Story: For 19 days, the woman told investigators, her ex-boyfriend held her captive . . . . The woman told investigators Stephenson later removed the duct tape from her head and arms, ripping out portions of her hair in the process and causing severe pain and bleeding. He then tied a rope around her feet and hung her upside down from a bedroom rafter, using a blow torch to burn her back. He then poured Drano on her injuries, the affidavit stated . . . . He locked her in a small trunk, then placed a dripping water hose in it — an apparent attempt to drown her . . . . But then there's and odd paragraph at the end [Police] said the woman’s relatives never knew she had been taken against her will by her ex-boyfriend. He said the woman’s children were being cared for by their grandmother.“They just figured she was probably absent voluntarily because she had done that in the past, been absent for period of a time,” Jamison said. “The family didn’t sense anything unusual so no missing person report was made.”