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You know, all of the marches against revisions to our immigration laws is a little unsettling. Today, thousands of high school students protested in Los Angeles and 1,500 or so protested in Dallas. There has not been so much passion on American streets since Vietnam. The issue is all over the talk radio stations and the tone is, well, in a word, racist. There are so many calls referring to "those people" and "them". We have a problem we need to deal with. Anyone who thinks we can (and should) simply scoop up millions of illegal aliens and send them back to Mexico lives in his own fantasy world. And as President Bush said today, "“If you are doing a job that Americans won't do, you're welcome here for a period of time to do that job.”


Anonymous said...

Thanks, once again George, for your words of wisdom. Some of the very hardest working people that I know are my Hispanic friends.

Anonymous said...

Are the high school kids getting counted absent or are they gracious enough to let all the kids out for the day?Is this "counter-racism?"

Anonymous said...

liberal spin once again barry!
What are the dem's doing?
Nothing but talk trash talk

m&m said...

What's the best way to handle it? Do we reward these illegals for breaking the law? Do we pat them on the back saying, good job, way to break our laws? Do we say, good job on getting free healthcare, free dental, free optical, food stamps, welfare checks, free education for the kids, free housing all at the expense of us the taxpayers and while they don't pay a dime in taxes. Now, I'm not saying all illegals do this, but a whole bunch do at the tune of billions and billions dollars in each border state.

It may be racism in some instances, but I don't think demanding that immigration be done legally is racism.

It used to be that immigrants came here legally and kept their culture, but also adapted to the American culture and learned the language. Now the ones already here are being expected to learn spanish. You have the Dallas School District making it mandatory that teachers and administration learn spanish. I think this is all crazy.

Anonymous said...

Surely "illegal" should carry a definition with consequences. Most governments can at least control their borders.

Anonymous said...

you might want to research that "food stamps" and "welfare" comment better, the illegal aliens aren't the ones spending your tax dollars, its the red-blooded americans that are mooching your tax dollars...if there was a way to provide a work permit and a social for illegals they could pay taxes

Anonymous said...

I feel very obligated to state that I personally know many hispanics and they have a better handle on "hard work" and family obligations than most Americans that I know. They don't live with their half sister, under the name of "spouse" and sexually abuse their 18 month olds. Right here, folks, in Wise County, we are home to many Hispanics that make me proud to know them. And, I speak only from experience, they would never except "government handouts" but instead work 7 days a week to take care of their families.

originalgofish said...

Hispanics are a hard working group of people. Yet, I see nothing wrong with requiring them to follow the laws. Instead of spending time and money rounding them up and shipping them home, go to them and help them get right with our laws.

As for the passion of high schoolers marching, call me a cynic but I can't help but think they just wanted a way out of school and on TV for a day.

Anonymous said...

A1. Hard working is not the point. They're illegal.
A2. No - the kids in Dallas get an unexcused absence.
A3. Why change the subject. Post was about Bush's proposal.
m&m. Several inaccurate statements. But the subject was how to control and manage immigrants and temporary workers. Bush wants to let 'me in for a period to do jobs "Americans won't do."
A5. Amazing isn't it - we have 10 million "illegals" and now Bush wants to give them some special status.
A6. I think you're on point.
A7. Of course you know some good Hispanics and good workers. But the subject is illegal immigrants. Please don't assume all Hispanics are illegal. Some of their families go back to when Texas was part of Mexico.

An additional factor that I have not heard discussed: What if an illegal marries an American citizen? What if they have a child born in America? What if either of these events occurs to an immigrant with a "temporary worker" permit.

Anonymous said...

Uh, isn't it a little late for this...they're here already, forcing us to speak their language. Spanish is no longer an elective in school but a requirement and it has been for a long time. I have no problem with them being here legally...and whoever said help the ones that are here to do what they need to do to get legal may have a pretty good idea, but I have to say I am a little bitter...I can't stand it when they are in our country and do not speak our language. But, folks, somehow I think this thing is just beginning...the product of nothing being done about our borders for a very long time.