Alternative To Microsoft Office

I don't know why I just thought about this, but if you want to download an Office Suite that is very similar to Microsoft Office but....one difference....it's free, you should check out OpenOffice.org . The download is huge, but it's a nice piece of software. I've even used it in court before. The Spreadsheet and Power Point clone are great. It can be found at...uh...openoffice.org. A PC Magazine review of it can be found here.


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Apple's iWork is a good alternative if you have a Mac. Although it isn't free, and only has a word processor and presentation app. I really don't use spreadsheets or databases.

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Performance analysis of OpenOffice and MS Office Posted by George Ou @ 3:21 am

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In my last blog, where I did a high-level technical evaluation of Microsoft Office 2003 and OpenOffice.org 2.0, I showed that OpenOffice was a memory and resource hog. Contrary to popular belief (among Open Source advocates), Microsoft Office came out very lean and fast while OpenOffice.org Office Suite was just the opposite. Some couldn't accept the numbers and complained that the Task Manager numbers may be inaccurate and hiding memory usage. They demanded more proof, so here it is.

It doesn't matter how fast the CPU is, OpenOffice is simply bloated.
To get more granular and detailed memory and processor consumption data, I downloaded a copy of Process Explorer from SysInternals and used it to gather a wide range of Data.

It is literally taking up about 10 times the processing time and memory to just load the application itself along with a blank file. It doesn't matter how fast the CPU is, 10 times is 10 times and OpenOffice is simply bloated.

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George probably didn't have M$ Business Contact Manager installed in his test configuration either.